Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Who originated Grindcore's growl?

Question: I read in an article that The Baron from amebix was the originator of what became the grindcore growl and that nic bullen was doing a more exaterated version of this when he recorded the napalm vocals (although to be honest ive only ever heard the baron do somthing similer in a live setting not on record) would you agree for this to be true? personally i see the grindcore growl as coming from a cross between the baron, quothorn and tom g warrior From:

Answer: Well that's certainly a decent theory, from my recollection you are in the right part of the world - South Western UK. Before grindcore there was hardcore punk, and Amebix were an integral part of the wildly-influential Bristol UK hardcore punk scene during the beginning of the 80's.All the bands down there - Chaos UK, Disorder and AMEBIX took things a stage further than the rest of the punk scene. They revelled in all things drunk, crazy, wild and extreme, and what was once punky vocals soon became just an extended "Aaargh".

In my opinion the extreme growl started with Chaos UK's No Security single...but it was'nt gutteral enough for grindcore so Nik Bullen went way further with the mid-80s line up of Napalm Death.Skum Dribbluurz were doing short blasting noize songs, but vocals were 'normal" punk.

Pic of Tim Skum Dribbluurz & Gabba Chaos UK

CHAOS UK 'No Security'- hear the first Arrrrgh. This started it all.(Some dick flagged this clip at Youtube so need to log in)

Amebix and Disorder in Bristol squat from UK/DK movie:

Napalm death The Kill

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