Friday, March 09, 2007

Does Earache sign One Man bands?

Question: Dear Earache Records,
Do you sign one man bands? In the vein of Burzum and Nine Inch Nails? Recording, I play, write and record all of the music, but I have a band that I tour with, on occasion. On all recordings, it\'s only me playing and writing the music, but on stage, there are five of us playing my music. Do you sign bands of this nature? If not, would you? From:

Answer: yes we do, there are quite a few examples of bands we have signed who are just one Mortiis, The berzerker, ultraviolence- in fact many of the hardcore techno/industrial acts we signed are one person acts,the main thing all these bands have in common is they are mostly computer/programming/sampling type acts, or rather used to be.We sign bands based on their originality and quality of music, not how many members are in the line up.The problems arise when you have to go on tour..(burzum doesnt have this probem- ;-))

To be honest most bands have a leader, or a person who dictates the direction and music of the band, and its more and more common for those people to declare themselves as "the band", and treat the other musicians as hired hands for on the road work.Sounds like you are one of those?

I personally dont agree with might work fine for a time, but as your band gets bigger and tours more, because their is no commitment for the hired hands, you get a revolving line up on stage that changes from tour to tour.

I dont think fans appreciate getting a suprise line up - often unfamiliar faces-on stage each time.