Thursday, December 22, 2005

TOURING ADVANCES- non recoupable?

Question: how would i go about getting a non returnable advance from a record company in order to have a succeccfull national tour?

Answer: Flinch, thats an amazing question, and is a thorny subject which is discussed ona daily basis at all record companies with active touring bands! As Earache are a record company I often have to remind my bands that we are in fact a "record" company, not touring company....meaning that our foremost obligation is to provide the means to record and release and spread the recordings (which we make money off) and not the touring activities, which we don't see any income off.Record companies like Earache DO of course supply 'shortfall tour support' to assist bands touring especially in the early days before the band can command high enough gig fees to tour without losing money(usually around second or third album if the fans take to the band).The costs of touring USA can be very high indeed, you have to pay $100,000 to appear on an Ozzfest tour, and the cost is higher for a European band that needs immigration visas, return flights aswell...this can dwarf the costs to actually record the album.

Getting it non returnable is the real tricky part- as all/most companies seek to recoup those costs, i don't know any that dont recoup it! if you have any recordings you can give the company in return for $$ it might be possible..meaning if you have a self released album you could sell it to them, and then use the funds to go do the tour.. good luck.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

MISTRESS ON BBC2 TV "Never Mind The Buzzcocks"

Question: is it true that Mistress are on TV tonight? what channel?

Answer: yes everyone favourite Brummie grinders do appear on BBC TV tonight in the UK, during the popular game show "Never Mind the Buzzcocks" at 9.40pm on BBC2.Playing a selection of pop ditties in an extreme grindcore style and assualting the eardrums of such celebs as Aled Jones and Tony Christie! set your videos!!

Saturday, December 17, 2005


Question: I just read on Blabbermouth that Decapitated have split up.How can that be? Say it isn't so!

Answer: To be honest, we still dont know why, and suspect its not final but mere end of tour drama. We received this email from Mariusz the ex-manager of the band, seems some shit went down on their return from USA- note, contrary to the scandalously mis-reported internet 'facts' on Blabber, the problem is entirely internal to them and nothing to do with Earache.The latest news is we hear the band will still play with Nile with a USA based bassist and new singer Covan still on vocals, so...just goes to show don't beleive all the shite you read on blabbermouth or the message boards!

I am sorry to tell you, but band after coming back from US tour has problems with line-up.
Martin, their bassplayer and "voice" in contacts between me and band has decided to leave band, because of bad situation inside band.
Unfortunately, all Martin's leaving reasons are very serious...
I am worry my future cooperation with band, I am thinking about terminate my long-term deal with band.
I need to speak with my lawyer to make a decision, so please, if you have urgent questions regarding promotion please contact directly with band's members: (Vogg) (Vitek)
I am sorry for problems, if I could help you, please don't hesitate to contact with me!

Take care

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Question: wtf is going on with the berzerker tour!! we been told its not happenng but then people are saying they got them booked for gigs? fucking clear this mess up!

answer: The Berzerker will be touring the UK in support of the new album "world of lies" around march-april time. Some dates were actually booked in some clubs by the agent for the band for feb, but these have been put back a month or two and are being booked by a different agent.Hence the confusion, sorry.The Berzerker line up currently lives on 2 different continents, original and long standing Berzerker bassist Sam lives in the Uk now,( as does old guitarist Matt who plays in Akercocke now) while mainman and singer luke is in Australia still.The line up which will tour is undecided but *might* include one or more Akercocke members helping out.look for dates announced soon.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Question: If I order something from the eurostore,does earache figure out the rate of exchange.How does it work.

Answer: Earache 's webstores exist in Nottingham UK and NYC USA and we take your money via credit cards in the local currency of each store- UK pounds in UK and US Dollars in USA..if your card is in another currency, we do not set the exchange rate but its the rate your credit card uses you will see on your statement.The exception is for fans in Europe where we convert Euros to pounds at 1.4 and do the transaction in UK pounds, as we dont operate in euros.

Munipical Waste European touring plans?

Question: Is it true that Municipal Waste will return to Europe in the New Year?

Answer: Indeed it is and it gets better as they will team up with Beecher and Linea 77 for the ELEGIES, MUTATIONS & PROPAGANDA TOUR 2006. So far the starting dates in the UK have been announced but stay tuned for more news of shows throughout Europe.

MUNICIPAL WASTE – BEECHER – LINEA 77 announce first leg

Earache teams up three of it’s hottest prospects for a lengthy European onslaught soon

Starting in the UK with 8 dates including a massive show with Sick Of It All in London more dates on the continent will be announced soon with a revolving running order decided on the night so get there early!


21.02.2006 UK MANCHESTER Phoenix
22.02.2006 UK BIRMINGHAM Edwards no.8
23.02.2006 UK PLYMOUTH Viaduct
24.02.2006 UK YEOVIL Flicks
25.02.2006 UK NORWICH Ferryboat
26.02.2006 UK LANCASTER The Yorkshire House
27.02.2006 UK LEEDS Josephs Well
28.02.2006 UK LONDON Electric Ballroom (with SICK OF IT ALL)

Still Available on Earache
BEECHER – This Elegy, His Autopsy
LINEA 77 – Available For Propaganda
MUNICIPAL WASTE – Hazardous Mutation

DEICIDE 'When London Burns' DVD release

Question: When will Earache release the Deicide live DVD and what is on it?

Answer: It'll be out on January 23rd 2006. Here's info I borrowed from our press department...

DEICIDE release ‘WHEN LONDON BURNS’ DVD on January 23rd

After recently setting Europe alight DEICIDE release their long awaited ‘WHEN LONDON BURNS’ DVD on Earache on January 23rd 2006.

Featuring an incendiary live set filmed before a rabid sold out crowd of maniacs in London GLEN BENTON and Co. rip the place apart with a smoking set featuring 13 evil crowd favourites. From the opening chords of “Scars Of The Crucifixion”, Anti-Christ anthems like “Kill The Christian” and stoking the fires of Hades to the apocalyptical end with “Oblivious To Evil”, WHEN LONDON BURNS’ captures Deicide at their diabolic best.

PLUS if you can still stand the heat then there’s also a bonus 30 minute documentary ‘BEHIND THE SCARS”. See behind the scenes as Deicide record ‘Scars Of The Crucifix’ – Candid interviews at home and backstage with the band – Exclusive footage from the rehearsal room and the formation of Deicide and Glen’s forehead branding explained.

Recorded Live at The Mean Fiddler, London, England on November 29th 2004

Scars Of The Crucifix
They Are The Children Of The Underworld
Bastard Of Christ
When Satan Rules His World
Once Upon The Cross
Kill The Christian
Serpents Of The Light
Dead But Dreaming
Lunatic Of God’s Creation
Sacrificial Suicide
When Heaven Burns
Dead By Dawn
Behind The Light Thou Shall Rise
Christ Denied
Oblivious To Evil

‘WHEN LONDON BURNS’ is released on Earache on January 23rd 2006

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Question: Does Earache have a street team? If so, how do I sign up?

Answer: Sadly we have no street team as such right now, we have tended to use outside street teams for promotions from time to time like in the UK like Xtaster and others.. BUT there are plenty of ways you can join us to receive our news and more stuff.
Start by joining Earache's Earache Myspace page or Wicked World Myspace where you can interact with the label and many of its bands/fans too. If you are in the UK or Europe or on the GSM mobile network you can join our sms/text news list where we send out FREE news via text, including the invites to our legendary xmas parties and stuff. send a txt with word JOIN to +447781486111 and you'll be instantly updated with all our news but you won't be spammed with it..we send out one every 2 weeks or so max.


Question: You guys gotta hate these questions by now, but how about getting Disk Union to reissue the OLD (thats Old Lady Drivers for the young\'uns)back catalog? If not all, then at least get a CD of the first LP out there! A new generation needs to know that Dubin and Plotkin have lost their dentures!!!!!

Answer: wow- you guys do nothing but email us every single day about re-issuing our dead/ defunct bands from the 80's/90s!! and they sure don't come any more defunct than New Jerseys own OLD LADY DRIVERS.It frankly drives us crazy cos when we were issuing OLD cds and Lp's in 88-95 no-one gave a shit about them, at least sales-wise.They had no fans when they were recording for us, and played about 2 -count em- shows as OLD, now all of a sudden 15+ years later they are revered and sold/collected on ebay for megabucks.I guess Plotkins undoubted talents shone thru to you lot eventually with his myriad of later projects so fair play to him for sticking with it....Disk Union approached us about an Intense Degree CD, we never even thought about it ourselves..y'know about 2 years ago we succumbed to pressure and released Spazztic Blurr onCD for the first time, and we have a ton of those still unsold, so where did all you crazy-for-the-early-earache-shit collectors go then huh? I guess with ebay and mp3's most of our catalog is available in some form and its very reassuring that the talents of some of our early bands are still appreciated by folks like, you. So,Cheers!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Question: hey man i am doing an assignment at college on recordlables and i decided to resarch earache but i can\'t find fuck all to do with the history of your company. can you help?

Answer: hey- its all online at the site use the drop down menu "select an artist" on the home page- first selection is Earache label Bio- choose that and it gives ya the history of the label.Hope it helps in your assignment dude!

Monday, November 21, 2005


Question: hailz!
just wondering whats happening with the deicide-when london burns dvd?thought that was due for release right after \"scars\"?
also will MOSH299 (the morbid angel dvd) just be the alters reissue or will it be a seperate dvd release with all the clips and such?
thats all,cheers
(btw love the new municipal waste release^_^)

Deicide's debut DVD comes out January 2006- heres advance preview of the sleeve! And morbid angel release will be dual disc of the debut "altars of madness" with bonus DVD footage from November 1989 era- a full Nottingham Uk show with Dave Vincent and Richard Brunelle, right after "altars' actually came out. its priceless footage with the band in their prime.

Friday, November 18, 2005


Question: Do the bands on your label suck so bad that you had to re-issue Bolt Thrower\'s Realm of Chaos album (without their consent) in order to make some money?
YOU GUYS SUCK. I\'m telling all of my Bolt Thrower loving friends to boycott your re-issue. As a matter of fact, I\'m posting a message on the Bolt Thrower forum urging every fan to boycott it.

You muppet!! any bolt thrower fan will already have this album- we are issuing it again simply because the 'rights' we had to use the Warhammer 40K Games Workshop artwork on the sleeve and in the booklet have expired. GW won't let us carry on with their artwork, so what are we gonna do, delete it? issue it in a plain white sleeve? The new edition has art similar to the original by the same artist- John Sibbick, so we think its something true Bolt Thrower fans will appreciate actually.Plus its been remastered to give it a more crushing modern day sound.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Question: hello!keep up the good to get to the somebody can send you a demo cd or he can get in touch with you guys? could you send me an adress to send youa demo cd?which are the things thatv you are looking from a band?and are u looking for a specific kind of music style this time or genareally?could you please answer my questions?thak you achilles

We look for original, visionary, hard working bands and individuals who have the talent, drive and ambition to take Extreme music and metal forward...Setting up a account is the best way to get your sound across to fans and labels alike.further details on written on the contacts page of site.Good luck!

DUB WAR Mp3's?

Question: is there any free downloads of dub war? had all my cd\'s nicked and i really miss me Step Ta Dis, and me Gorrit. thanx

try the mp3s at

Monday, November 14, 2005


Question: Has Adema found a replacement singer? If not, who can I contact about auditioning? You can check out the project (Deconstruct) that I have been working with at

It looks likely Marky Chavez will re-join ADEMA. more news will be announced soon as we get it 100% confirmed.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

MORBID ANGEL "Altars" Dual-Disc NEWS?

Question: Hello,

Since Morbid Angel has left Earache, are there any plans to release a compilation with rarities like what was done with Napalm Death, Cathedral, and Godflesh? If so, are there a lot of rare/unreleased songs from Morbid Angel, especially from the David Vincent era?

Thank you,

We will be issuing a Dual-Disc edition of "Altars Of Madness" (CD +DVD) in early 2006. DVD side features footage of live show captured on November 14th 1989, during the bands first UK tour with David Vincent and Richard Brunelle, its amazing!!


Question: Hi. I would like to reach and send email to bill steer or jeff walkers. Can you help me about it. And I need to know what those guys are doing now ?

You could try Jeff Walkers new label..go here


Question: Is there going to be an Earache xmas party in Nottingham again this year?sorry if news or information has all ready been posted/released.Cheers

Earache's legendary Xmas party- is set for BAR NONE,Stoney Street, NOTTINGHAM. on Weds Dec 14th. THe club is 50 metres from old Angel venue.DJ's - inc some Guest DJ's -will be spinning metal all night, but no bands are playing. FREE ENTRY for fans and liggers alike! see you there...see more info on announcement at

Monday, November 07, 2005


Question: I see on your catalog page that 2 anaal nathrakh albums are listed as being on earache, does this mean you have signed them or just got distribution rights for those two titles?

yes well spotted, we have licensed the first 2 peices of hate from Anaal Nathrakh from Mordgrimm Records.Both to be issued in 2006 with bonus tracks.If you didnt knopw, the main guys from AN also play in Brummie grindsters Mistress, who are signed to earache. AN remain signed to Season Of Mist


Question: hey am just wondering is there any chance of earache reissuing some old earache classics such as sore throat - disgrace to the corpse of Sid , sweet tooth - soft white underbelly old - s/t etc on cd. I know you have re issued unseen terror sand spazztic blurr (and good job as well) but it would be nice to see some underrated vintage earache gems re issued on cd


thanks karl..we do think about re-issuing some of the old stuff now and again but have no plans for sore throat or sweet fact a label in japan called Disk Union is doing an old band of ours called Intense Degree MOSH 9 on CD exclusively - look out for it..we might do more with them.


Question: i am trying to find accused return of martha splatterhead on cd or lp. can you help me out?
thanks - jamie

Well its been many years since we released this classic HC/Metal crossover LP- it is MOSH 1 in the Earache catalog and was never on CD by us- its been out of print for over 15 years- try ebay is all i can say mate!

Friday, November 04, 2005


Question: HELLO ,robert here....i think it,s time for a NEW EARACHE VINYL re-release session....i love the colored editions for the US from 2002 (Altars,ATG,Reek,Symphonies Of,Terrorizer,Scum...),i live in EUROPE (Germany..) ,and i have spend more than 500 EURO to import all colors from the USA by myself....),i collect vinyl since 1988 and it is very easy to find a Original Pressing from Altars Of Madness or symphonies of Sickness in EUROPE...but earache have some old records that are much harder to find...all from this i will list now sells for 25-50 EURO on eBay....i think to made GREAT colored re-editions on VINYL is great for all collectors...and i hope EARACHE Records likes if they can sell some 1000 extra units....?
very rar and hard to find are ,mosh :33,49,59,69,73,81,70 ,necro.02 ...and still 143 AT THE GATES ,Slaughter Of The Soul VINYL....stiil rare even there was a re-release.....,Hope to hear from you...and all the best.....,robert( i have a lot Earache releases from 1987-1994 ,and Earache is back again....DECAPITATED,DEICIDE,EXMORTEM,Severe Torture....)

hey Robert- you Vinyl Freak!!
We have no plans currently to re-issue the old classics on vinyl, so ebay is your best you point out, the only pressings have been the originals in 1989- 92 and then the 2002 re-issue series.we do have some newer titles on vinyl- Beecher is on 5x 7" deluxe box set at the moment and in december comes the Municipal Waste LP, which will be a collectors classic in future years i expect. See our full list of vinyl at our Vinyl Store Good luck with your vinyl quest!


Question: I ordered three cd\'s on October 22nd and have yet to recieve them,the total was 26.00 and it was a special halloween sale.I am very dissappointed and may not order direct from this company ever again,let me know how this will be resolved,I charged them on my card and never got them and it is now november 3rd.

yeah - sorry you have had delays in getting your stuff..normally we are FAST FAST FAST at dispatching your goods!! our USA webstore was open for business in the run up to Halloween but the girl who does the fulfilment was on vacation for a few days. Sorry your order was held up, but you should have the stuff now, with many stickers and extra goodies etc to make up for the delay.


Question: Is there any chance of a Misery Loves Co DVD / Greatest Hits CD?
Will the NextGen tour come out on DVD?

Hi Gethin,
Its the first time in years anyone has mentioned this incredible forward thinking swedish band. We did 3 albums by MLC between 1995-2000 all of which sound as fresh today as back then. In fact earache is still in touch with singer Patrik Wiren, who is now a writer for a national Swedish newspaper. If enough fans want a MLC retrospective its something we could consider i guess? the VHS which came out after the Next gen 1998 tour is the only document of MLC live.It also featured sets from Janus Stark, Pulkas and Dub War- Its been out of print for years.Check out all the MLC mp3s at


Thursday, November 03, 2005


Question: Any chance of Cadavers debut being re-issued on CD?

Sorry matey, we have no plans to put out that fine Norwegian Death/grind classic- Hallucinating Anxiety.


Question: WHat\'s going on with Deicide\'s website? It hasn\'t been up for about a year now. I know you guys don\'t deal with that, I was just wondering if u knew what was going on with it. Thanks...

thanks alex,

check out Deicide on Myspace its the bands official myspace page. Deicide have had major bad luck at maintaining their presence on the web. Their original site was maintained by Eric Hoffman himself but he lost his computer and has since left the band. The site was maintained by Earache for the band for a few months but Glen wished to update it himself, so it currently displays a holding page waiting for his updates.Earache's own site of course carries news of Deicide's activities aswell.


Question: Why does Earache SUCK NOW! all the good bands are gone or left.Why all the pussy ass shit now?no grind or brootal shit on Earache anymore?

Thanks for your question Sandman, it's one we get asked a lot.
Yes it's true most of our well known legendary bands are no longer on the label, Napalm Death, Morbid Angel etc were all let go after numerous albums recorded for Earache during the era spanning 1980's- late 90's, and we wish them well..but, we have decided to invest the labels efforts in newer blood instead now. As for no grind-are you kidding??We have a catalog of legendary titles which created the genre, including Terrorizer and Brutal Truth's debuts as well as AC, Sore Throat, The Berzerker even. Just this past 12 months Earache has released some of its harshest music ever- Insision, Watchmaker, Citizen- and next week Severe Torture hits the shelves.True we also released Adema this year which became a flagship band, but if you care to dig deeper into the catalog you can still find the most extreme music, which Earache pioneered infact.

keepin' it brutal since 1986

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Question: Hey I was just wondering if \"Deadsy\" have been signed to your label? and if so.. is there any album/release information?? Thanks.

We don't usually disclose which bands we are talking to for possible signing to Earache or our sublabels, we usually are talking seriously to 5-10 bands at any one time, sometimes only one (or none) of which ends up actually signed for various reasons.But for the record, DEADSY are not signed.Earache founder Digby tried to sign them in 2000 and he and US label manager Al Dawson do love what DEADSY is all about, and its possible we may get involved in the future. check for their info about new album.



Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Subject: Distribution


Just wondering, on average, do you know how much distribution companys sell
cds to stores (HMV, Virgin etc) for? I was told on average it's £4- £5 is
that right???
Thank you
Jt - Stand Aside

Hey Jt- it can be as high as £8.49 for full price cds in the uk, thats what the big distros like Vital or Pinnacle charge the shops. some Earache titles are around £6.00 tho..aiming to be instores and available to fans at £9.99 or so.
Labels cant dictate what the major chains sell the cds at some cases our Cds are £16.99 in Virgin or HMV.
£4 would be low or for deep back catalog.