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Why did Jeff Walker (Carcass) change his hairstyle?

Question from Teo () :

What's up? I know I might sound silly but I bet that I'm not the only true fan who has had this in mind: back in the day Jeff Walker had long dreadlocks. In a matter of 2 years (from Nekroticism to Heartwork) he mysteriously unlocked the locks, and showed up with long straight hair. Fake locks or super-fast grow, huh?


Answer: First of all I should point out that Earache has never at any point had much of a say on how Artists dress or style their hair, we don't even hardly comment on that aspect, because we're pretty much all about the music. The dramatic change of hairstyle that Jeff Walker undertook around 1993 was purely his own (or maybe his managers) decision- I can only guess they wanted a more unified, more Heavy Metal "look" as the band were on the up, they had developed a polished metallic sound, and it was expected for the singer to 'look the part' of a Heavy Metal frontman, as Bill Steer and Michael Amott already did with their long hair.

The dreadlocked look was quite big in the crusty/punk circles of that era, and that was Jeff's trademark for many years. I was as surprised as anyone else when he appeared out of the blue one day with the dreads gone, and instead sporting long hair.

heres CARCASS in 1992

Don't fear tho- there was nothing fake or mysterious about it. The story I heard was that the dreadlocks were painstakingly unpicked - which was a long process- and with copious amounts of hair-care products brought back to life as long hair. Thats dedication for you.

Heres CARCASS in 1993:

Where does the audio for Earache's vinyl LP re-issues come from?

Question from Jason ( :

What is the audio on Earache's vinyl re-issues cut from? Is it re-mastered from the original tape or is it the same lacquer used on the original pressing?


Answer: Thanks for the great question Jase. We recently re-issued the first 4 Morbid Angel albums on gatefold LP wax, and the audio for them simply comes from the CD, but newer acts have their wax pressed direct from the studio masters (also known as "files") obviously. The recent Morbid Angel wax was certainly NOT advertised as "coming from original masters/tapes" or anything, but partly due to audiophile concerns we did re-issue the recent Napalm Death 'Scum' vinyl as Full Dynamic Range audio from original PCM betamax tapes, complete with rough mixes (from cassette tape!).

Earache keeps an archive of original analogue tapes and we also keep some metalwork (Mothers) used in making the original vinyls but sad to say, its just not practical to use them to produce new vinyl in 2011. For this reason the new LPs do sound slightly different to the original editions which were created using an all analogue signal path back in the day.

Analogue audio is a very temperamental format- playback of old tapes from the era is a real chore, that is if you can still find the right kind of tape player in the first place! Unless the exact speed, settings, EQ and other controls are set exactly like in the past -ie on the day of the original mastering session - the resulting audio coming off the tapes can be pretty unfamiliar.

I've mentioned in the past on this blog how we attempted to release a "re-mastered from the original tapes" version of Morbid Angel back when we last did a re-issue campaign, but scrapped the idea because it sounded so different. I really should dig those tapes out and post em here.

01 Maze of Torment (rough mix) by digearache

Another wrinkle in the process is that few vinyl pressing plants still exist these days- something like 75% of all European wax is made by one plant- GZ in Czech Republic - who prefer delivery of audio files over the internet, a fact which would shock the audiophile all-analog purist crowd.

The main reason for using the CD to make the wax is not the convenience but familiarity. Many thousands of copies have been sold in the 2 decades since release, so that is the sound that fans are used to, we'd get complaints if the vinyls sounded any different I think.

Newer Earache bands released in recent years don't have that kind of 'familiarity problem'. Hence Earache does aim to release all its newer vinyls as close to the original studio sound as possible - we go to great lengths to ban any digital FX added in the mastering process for vinyl. Our mastering engineer performs 2 mastering sessions, one for LP with emphasis on maintaining the studio dynamics, and one for CD/digital with a touch of EQ and compression for a tad of loudness. I should point out that Earache is not into the Loudness War and we master our Cds carefully, not brickwalled to the max.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Seth.ECT want to sign to Candelight

Question from aybars altay ( :


My name is Aybars, writing you for the band "Seth.ECT" we released our first album Godspeak and Feedbacks are Awesome so I would like to share with you...Exept that we recording second album right now and we want to sign with Candlelight... At least if you can motivated to invest 10 minutes to me so we can fix this problem :)

Ashmedi from Melechesh, Roxanne Constantine from Quo Vadis and Arkin Allen a.k.a MERCAN DEDE (world famous Dj) can provide personal information about us...

Hope the hear from you soon.

Thank you & Best wishes

Aybars ALTAY | Seth.Ect

„A fantastic example of how to mix one‚s culture with musical taste"

Artist ˆ Seth. ECT

Album ˆ Godspeak

Label ˆ Independent

Release date ˆ April 4th / 2011

Website -

Free Download The Whole Seth.Ect Album GODSPEAK (Mp3 or wav)


Track Listing:

1. ECT

2. B.L.A.S.T

3. For Se7en Years

4. Hollow Earth

5. Heart Beat

6. Call Of Ancients

7. Orison

8. Earth Rise

9. Keops

10. When The Simurgs Collapse

11. Orison II

Featuring Artist - Arkın ALLEN a.k.a MERCAN DEDE

Experimental Chaos Theory (Demo) 2009

For Seven Years (Single) 2010

GODSPEAK (Full Lenght) 2011

Formed at the end of 2008 by Vocalist Aybars Altay, Guitarists Izmael & Murat and Bassist Mert Tartac,

Seth.ECT was formed with the intention of combining the power of Industrial music & the aggression of extreme metal with oriental music,

creating a truly haunting, brutish yet vastly appealing sound that‚s encapsulated perfectly on their upcoming album, Godspeak.

Currently receiving mass praise throughout the UK and EU, early reviews of the album have described it as „A fantastic example of how to mix one‚s culture with musical taste‰ and

„A ballsy, powerful creation that takes absolutely no prisoners.‰

Reviews can be seen below:

Spirit of Metal Webzine(20/20) -

Metaliville-Sonic-Shocks(8/10) -

Bringthenoise United Kingdom (9/10) -

Tom Brumpton Seth ECT - Mudkiss Review -


Official Web Site:

SONGS: for some demo tracks etc. a free-download song titled "For seven years" from Godspeak album.



Aybars: Vox

Mert: Bass

Murat: Gtrs

Izmael: Gtrs

Sem: Drums - Session

Live performance:

- MHM 2009 / UKR

- Survival of the fittest tour(headlining with Quo Vadis(Canada)) 2010

- Seth.ECT wants to perform shows after the album is out (April 4th)


Answer: Good luck with getting signed fellas. This blog post should help you on your way.