Monday, August 13, 2007

Evile 7inch FREE with purchase of album

Question: Hey Earache whats up? I heard about an Evile vinyl EP available. How can I get my hands on this. I live in California.From

Answer: The Evile FREE 7 inch single is only available from the USA EARACHE webstore in the USA> its mainly going to be in UK indie shops,where you can ask for it if you buy the album on Monday 27th August, as well as with pre-orders from earache uk webstore of the Evile debut Enter The Grave album. See this LIST OF STORES

Friday, August 10, 2007

Deicide update..

Question: Any deicide news? are they still together? From:

Answer: Touring as been curtailed as Glen has some legal issues pending BUT that has given the main writer- Steve Asheim- plenty of time to get creative, both Jack owen and Steve have been working on demo-ing some more 'Rock- based' projects and Ralph was ousted during the turmoil, but he quickly resurfaced as Obituary's guitarist.

Deicide DID look to be going nowhere-BUT- incredibly,out of the blue- we just received 8 new DEICIDE songs in demo form, and they are incredible, like Stench material but now even faster, if such a thing is possible.
The band, Glen, Jack, Steve and probably Dave Suzuki (ex-guitarist Ralph Santolla might just appear as guest soloist?) will more than likely enter Morrisound Recordings in September to record the new album.Earache will officially announce its release nearer the time, probably in stores around Jan 2008.As ever with Deicide, all information is subject to change.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Earache Early Releases Pressing quantities

Question: Hi there,
I wonder if there are any detailed informations about the number of copies that were pressed from the \"old\" Earache releases? I\'m trying to complete \"my youth\" what means MOSH1 to MOSH49 on vinyl records. Last week i finally got my MOSH10. It was very hard to find that one. But much harder to find, nearly impossible is e.g. MOSH1. So my question is how many copies were pressed of MOSH 1 to 49? From:

Answer: Well good luck to you in your search- it was only recently that i got my own copy of MOSH1 on vinyl cos i never put myself a copy aside on release(thanks Lee).The Accused record was not actually pressed by me, it was a co-release with Bristols now long defunct label COR, who kindly made the pressing for me.I suspect maybe 5000 were made on LP at the time, 1987- and no represings ever since cos the rights reverted to the band.
You can get a lot of info on pressings at our catalog page HERE.
Most of the releases 1-49 did come out on vinyl but in varying quantities. The bigger bands Napalm Death, carcass, Entombed, Morbid Angel etc probably did 10,000+ on vinyl and are easily available even 20 years later on ebay etc.Some of the less successful acts had pressings more in the order of 2000-3000 or so.Titles like the first OLD, Intense Degree,Filthy Christians,Spazztic Blurr, Sore Throat, Sweet Tooth just did not sell that well on release so i put the labels energies into the bands who were exploding so the others never waranted a re-press at the time.

By a supreme irony i have a werehouse at a secret location in Nottingham, chock full of unsold vinyl albums from the 90's, and every now and again we visit the place and see lying around some of these long lost classics that collectors would kill for.But we leave them there, gathering dust- unwanted and unloved. Sorry dude.

Former Earache artists new works...

Question: I was wondering out of all the former earache artists whose current musical activities suprise you the most, for me it has to be nick royale of entombed being as he left to concentrate on garage rockers the hellacopters and managed to influence the hives along the way, although hes now come back to death metal with death breath. So which one is it for you. From:

Answer: Most of our former artists- and after 20 years of doing this, we have a LOT of ex-artists- most, to their credit keep on playing the kind of music which they did in the past whilst on the label, best examples are say Bolt Thrower and Morbid Angel.I guess that shows most of our bands stuck to thier guns and given that most of the early Earache musicians were wildly innovative in the orignal death/grind scene, that is how it should be. If you want to know the ex-musicians who have surprised and delighted me the most with their post-Earache output- it has to be Mick Harris and also Justin Broadrick.Thomas Lindberg and Jim Plotkin also fall into that category, for daring to be different.

Mick Harris basically was the prime force in early Napalm death and the super fast drumblast was his innovation, but he left the band and began a totally different musical direction..he began making more electronic music with Scorn.The album he produced called 'Zander' is incredible, its an earth-shaking bass driven dub album, quite unlike anything i had heard before, or since infact. Thats true innovation and creativity right there. As for Nicke ex-Entombed, there were subtle hints of his new hellacopters direction whilst he was still in entombed infact- the Kiss worship in interviews, the choice of New bomb turks to do a split 7inch release with.The rock n roll direction of the hellacopters seemed to be Nickes main choice of style, and he did very well with it after taking the leap from Entombed.