Monday, April 30, 2007

Akercocke- Can you crack The Antichrist Code?

Question: how can i listen the new akercocke album on line? From:

Answer: The new Akercocke album Antichrist is available at a secret location online for listening ONLY to people who crack the online treasure hunt called The Antichrist Code.A series of about 8 Akercocke related puzzles and questions have been posted online on myspace and youtube websites.If you correctly follow the clues they will lead you to the reward.Though difficult,(so difficult that Jason himself could not crack the final puzzle) The hunt was suprisingly completed by 15 fans within 24 hours of it being announced, but the location of the prize was leaked by news sites like blabbermouth etc, which spoiled the fun of the hunt for the hordes of avid akercocke fans still searching- so we relocated it.

Begin your quest with the first question here:

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Godflesh/ PSI etc - are they Grind?

Question: Can you maybe explain why people always consider bands like Godflesh, Pitchshifter and Dead World grindcore? It\'s really annoying to see bands such as the ones above labeled that when they ironically were the total opposite of fast, blast beating madness. Hell, even the Earache webstore labeled one of Pitchshifter\'s album \"industro-grind\", which actually sparked the question I have in mind. From:

Answer: Early Godflesh was most certainly Grindcore, more accurately "Industrial Grindcore" at least on the debut and streetcleaner abums...grindcore was not just about speed of drums, blast beats etc- it actually was coined to describe the guitars- heavy,downtuned, bleak, harsh riffing guitars "grind", so thats what the genre was described as, by the musicians who were its innovators & proponents.
Obviously with Justin being ex-napalm Death, the attachement was there because he was from the same scene that birthed grindcore anyways.PSI were similar, in the early incarnation. I agree that both bands by the time of album number 3 were less grinding in the guitars dept, and as they became more adept at programming their drum machines, the music became mroe beat driven, and at that point both bands became morre accurately described as Industrial metal, not grindcore.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Earache & The New Breed of Thrash.

Question: Has earache spotted somthing the rest of the world hasnt signing so many uk thrash/crossover bands in such a short space of time sss and evile by name? out of interest is earache interested in the bands that are left at all eg suicide watch ( formerly stampin ground), gamma bomb and nebukadnezza. From:

Answer: We've been spotting something for years, namely good original metal bands of all varieties.
Muncipal waste were signed in 2004- there was no media talking about a New Breed of Thrash back was unheard of to embrace such a long lost genre as 80's crossover thrash.

As for Evile- they have been quietly playing storming sets to a handful of fans for 2 years,i was lucky enough to see them at Nottingham's junktion 7 club, where DEADFALL were ace too (but we didnt attempt to sign them, due to line up problems), and then the killer was seeing Evile at Bloodstock open air 2006 where they destroyed the tent with their devastating early Metallica meets Slayer perfomance.

SSS also came to our attention and we loved them from the get go- like The Waste, they are spearheading the more crossover-thrash vibes.Excellent stuff to circle pit to.

As for the other bands- we like GAMA BOMB and are following their progress.

So, YES we are pleased to announce-



Napalm Death 1 second 7 inch

Question: I work at a radio station and we often get old LP records as donations to put up for sale, while i was going through a box I discovered a Napalm death/Electro Hippies single ( Side 1. You Suffer, Side 2, Mega Armageddon), with 1 second of music and scratched text on each side. I looked in vein for more information about it online but came up emptyhanded.
What was it all about? I\'d be interested to know

Thanks From:

Answer: thats our world record 7 inch single from 1989. Its the shortest single ever released, and was given away free when we did a compilation called "grindcrusher".Worth a few quid on ebay probably, tho about 8,000 copies do exist from memory.Wired mag recently namechecked the single as a forerunner to snack size culture which is the current vogue, ie short attention spans.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Muncipal Waste- are they actually thrash?

Question: is municipal waste a thrash band or a crossover band? From:

Answer: well the virginia 4 peice certainly DO PLAY Thrash in my book!But you are right- Municipal waste do play the more punky crossover-thrash (think DRI, suicidal tendencies, Accused from the 80's wave)rather than the more straight up metal-thrash played by and made much more famous than the crossover thrash by the likes of the big 4 thrash bands of the 80's-Metallica and Megadeth etc.

Basically bands like Municipal Waste are injecting a new youthful energy into a long lost genre- they emphasise the fun aspect of metal,and crowd surfing/circle pits are all part of the fun. watch for the new MW album "The Art of Partying" due instores on 11th June.