Monday, July 17, 2006

Deicide- See Video for 'Homage For Satan'

Question: A while back on the site was news about the new Deicide video. Is it done yet and when can i see it online or on tv?

Answer: try pointing yer browser here. Its as Real Player, Quicktime and Windows Media formats.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Songs on

Question: I heard rumour that if you post your songs on, they now have the rights to it. Is this true? From:

Answer: They have the rights to stream the music you upload i think, and then they lose that right when you delete the song.So it appears at first glance, pretty much fair and quite artists friendly.As Rupert Murdoch now owns, whose News International Group also owns many media/news/tv outlets across the globe, including the Sunday Times, The Sun, Fox News, SKY TV and many more, then i guess it comes down to wether you trust him with your music.

Earache & Sub Pop?

Question: I read in a book about the history of the sub pop label that during the early 90s earache negotiated a licensing agreement with them that failed to come off is this true and what bands were you after, i mean earth on earache would have been amazing From:

Answer: Nah it was'nt Earth- for some reason i never rated that band. Too boring and drone-y and one dimensional, listening to Earth is like listening to wallpaper or something.The band we wanted to licence was none other than --Nirvana, it was the only Sub Pop band I actually liked, the brilliant debut LP Bleach was constantly on my walkman because they had a certain intensity sadly lacking from the other more mellow Sub Pop acts.You gotta imagine, at the time, they were merely a promising up n coming Seattle alternative rock band on an up n coming US indie label.Earache was leading the way in the extreme metal scene in UK and Europe,and as far as i could tell, Nirvana fitted the bill as the next wave of extreme music,so we offered to license the next Nirvana album from Sub Pop, which would have been "Nevermind".But events got outta hand, and the major label "DGC/Geffen' bought the band out of its Sub Pop contract, Earache never had a chance to get involved at that stage, and the rest is history.
I got to hear the band very early on, and first hand, from Gary Held, the owner of Tupelo which was the tiny label in Uk which licensed "Bleach" from Sub Pop in the first place, and it was he( and the staff of Vital distribution) who was responsible for pretty much making Nirvana a big selling rock band in the UK.

Where IS Earache located?

Question: Where are you guys located? Are you in the USA or over seas. From:

Answer: We are located in mid-town Manhattan, NYC, USA- 38th Street midway between 5th and 6th Ave,above the "couture" shop to be exact see photo- and at Westminster Buildings photo in the city centre of Nottingham, England-which is actually where the label was founded, and acts as the main head office . A full list of contact adresses and email addys of the staff- can be found here.Our website acts for both offices but is hosted on servers in Miami,Florida and our webmaster is based near Derby, which is close by Nottingham, in England.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Heresy/Concrete Sox?

Question: trying to locate a copy of heresy/concrete sox split lp from way back .... any advice? available on cd? planning a re-release?
steve From:

Answer: The split LP from Heresy and Concrete Sox was only released on Vinyl by Earache. Mosh 2, it was Earache's first proper release it did all by itself in 1987 (Mosh 1 Accused was a co-release with Bristol's COR records).There has never been a CD of it, as it was not a favoured format at that time- Vinyl was still king then dude!You'll have to try ebay to get it nowadays...being our first 'proper' release it has an extra value to collectors.
Heresy had a later release on Cd called 'never slit thanks" licensed by Earache to toys factory in japan, around say 1992 or so. Sadly, Concrete Sox's side of the split LP has never been re-issued by Earache on anything because the band had split up by the 90's -and there is not much demand for them, 16 years later, as far as we can tell.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Adema "Planets" tracklisting Euro vs USA

Question: Hi, I´ve just bought Adema´s Planets and discovered that there are two songs missing on my european copy. Why is that?
Kind regards,
Thomas From:

Answer: The UK/European version of Planets does indeed have less tracks than the USA version...the Metallica cover song is only included on the USA version as thats the only place we got a license to include it.The 'missing' songs are available in Europe on the b-side of the Tornado single however.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Missing mosh numbers in our Catalog?

Question: When looking at the \"catalog\" section of the site, I noticed that there are several catalog numbers that are missing. I know that the second Sore Throat album waqs never released, but a lot of the \"missing\" catalog numbers corespond to some of the late 90\'s gabba releases. Why are these releases not even acknowledged anymore? From:

Answer: Yeah- well spotted John.Out of the first 250 Mosh numbers in our catalog I see about 15 of them are missing. First of all, i'm constantly amazed that fans like yourself are actually asking about our back cat releases, some of which never saw the light of day, or if they did, are now over 10 years old, but still talked about.
The truth is theres a story to be told about most of the missing mosh numbers-about why they are missing. We pride ourselves on having a killer catalog of releases containing many of the most legendary titles in the extreme music scene, and the ease of numbering them as mosh numbers makes it easier for fans and collectors to follow the list.Those 15 missings titles do bug me, because they make the list incomplete.
As you say, Mosh 68 was meant to be re-issue of the first Sore Throat album "Unhindered By Talent", but i declined to release it, and the Mosh number slot stayed unfilled. Mosh 107 was supposed to be a meathook seed remix 12 inch, but i had second thoughts about releasing it. Some of the numbers were planned to be themed label compilations but we never got round to compiling them. The numbers 150, 164, 165 as you correctly point out were gabba titles we licensed from Industrial Strength records- the licences expired eventually, so were withdrawn from sale, and the catalog.(actually we could leave them as names on the catalog but we'd probably have folks try to order them, which will be confusing, so better to remove competely)

Monday, July 10, 2006

'Chop Your Own Head Off' comp - released in USA?

Question: I\'m asking for a third time in case I messed up the first two, is Chop Your Own Head Off going to be released in the U.S.? If so, when and at what price? Thanks. From:

Answer: thanks George, we did get your question each time..and its hard to answer you as we basically havent yet decided on the plans for this Earache Compilation containing CD+DVD+PC game demo, in USA. It is released today in UK and across Europe for a low price of £4.99 instore and has seemingly gone down a storm with fans.There is a ton of great new extreme music including a brand new Deicide track,available for the first time ONLY on this CD, plus a bunch of videos, many never seen before except as streams on our website, and in a world first for any metal label, it also contains a fully playable interactive PC- CDROM game demo of our upcoming PlayStation 2 Game "Earache Extreme Metal Racing".All in all, its an extreme bargain!

Earache had no plans to release it in USA, but we hear that the Hot Topic chain are interested to carry the comp, so we might be rush releasing it in September in USA now.

Deicide-Limited editions of Stench?

Question: Will there be a limited edition version of Stench of Redemption, or anything of that nature? From:

Answer: sure there will be a few things for Collectors who buy Deicide early.See here for the Special editions.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

At The Gates- DualDisc Out in UK 17 July

Question: Does the DVD side of the dualdisc for \"Slaughter of the soul\" feature only the documentary? or does it also include the album in 5.1?
Thanks for the info...
armando From:

Answer: No -the DVD side is purely a 35 minute documentary, with also the bonus of the video clip for "Blinded by fear" and some outtakes etc. You can see the trailer for a taste of whats on the DualDisc.We did'nt bother with a 5.1 Audio mix because it seems they are not that popular yet, but if its something that catches on, then there is no reason why we dont't make a 5.1 DVD Audio or Superaudio surroundsound mix in the future.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Napalm death- Nazi punks 7 inch?

Question: Hello,
Could you please tell me how much copies of Napalm Death \"Nazi Punks Fuck Off\" 7\" Mosh92 were printed? Could I get a breakdown of the numbers for the different types especially the orange cover with green vinyl? Thanking you in advance,
John Lynch. From:

Answer: we pressed about 1000 copies of each colour sleeve. You can see them pictured HERE

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Decapitated 'Day 69' clip online?

Question: What has happened to Decapitated\'s video of day 69? I saw the photos of it being made, but have seen nothing since. is it being released? From:

Answer: set your browser to HERE

Deicide- album is out August Mon 21 tues 22

Question: Hi Earache, I want to know when is de new deicide album LP coming out, I love the two new songs but I don\'t know when it will be on stores!

Thank you! From:

Answer; its finally out instores on August 21 in Uk/Europe/Japan/Argentina/Brasil and August 22 in USA/Canada.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Earache vinyl for sale

Question: As an avid collector of Earache brand vinyl (I have original issues of Mosh 1-25 now plus a lot more) , I have a small bone to pick with you. The European webstore has about three times the vinyl selection that the US store has, leaving me with little choice but to pay the higher shipping fees. Why must you torture me like this, and is there any hope of expanding the selection of wax on the US Webstore? Also, any hope of a vinyl re-release of Brutal Truth\'s first album? Maybe just one copy? From:

Answer: We have a bone to pick with you fans too! I'm dying to know where you guys went in the mid-90's when Earache's vinyl output was still ongoing but sales on the format completely dried up?
Nearly 100% of the Earache releases as they were made came out on a vinyl format, it was our preferred format right from the start of the label in 1986, and only kinda fell out of favor in mid-late 90's as fans deserted vinyl for some reason but we still made vinyl even when its popularity plummeted- so by around 1999 we stopped vinyl alltogether except for limited 1000 copies re-issues of our biggest selling classic bands in 2001.
Y'know Earache has a werehouse in a secret location of our home town of Nottingham, UK that is chock full of unsold vinyl dating from that mid-90's era and before-even exotic stuff like Cathedral double 12" gatefold sleeve "Carnival bizarre' . Even brand new deluxe box sets of Beecher which house 5 lovely slabs of 7" by a killer band, and only came out last year,remain unsold,lots of them.
Most of the vinyl for sale on the UK webstore comes from that werehouse and is original pressings made in mid-late 90's, which we could sell on ebay for mucho $$, but we prefer to offer them for sale as a service to Earache collectors and fans. Our USA office and webstore in NYC dates from 1995 and has traditionally not made as much vinyl as the office was not operating when vinyl was king.

So thats why the Uk webstore has much more vinyl than the USA one.

The next vinyl editions we are planning are an At The Gates picture disc, and the upcoming Deicide will be on 12" LP and picture disc too.