Thursday, November 15, 2007

Earache influenced by Factory Records?

Question: on the scum dvd mick talks about how early napalm was influenced by joy division. Did that influence extend to earache at all in respect of joy division\'s label factory, they did sort of put together a step by step guide as to how not to run a record label long term however they did show how it was possible to be independent, so were they an influence at all? From:

Answer:If you check out old interviews,members of original Napalm Death would frequently cite influences from Joy Division, Swans, Pixies and Slab, aswell as the obvious death metal and grindcore references.Looking back I reckon they rated them for the emotional intensity within their songs, as the rest of the 80's indie rock outfits were too twee (Wedding Present) or fake HM (Zodiac Mindwarp) to bother with.Napalm Death even wrote a select few slow, heavy songs that were pretty much homage to Swans- 'Internal Animosity' from the Pathological Comp springs to mind.

As for Earache- yeah sure,even tho I had no direct contact with Factory, I was certainly influenced from afar.Factory was THE 80's Independent music scene institution in the the time it was the blueprint for how to cultivate a scene, stay connected to the street, but have mega-selling hits aswell.At it remained based in the North of england, which was brave in itself, as nearly 100% of the business of music takes place in London. What the late Anthony Wilson and the assorted bands achieved was groundbreaking, probably only a handful of labels have repeated the feat since.

Factory must have been a fun place to work..they had a party to celebrate anything it seems- ha ha - plus things like the numbering of the releases tapped into the record-collector psyche-and giving a catalog number to the hacienda club itself, and the office cat was just brilliant! We often toy with that idea -just to thwart the many earache fans who do actually collect the full set of mosh releases.Our PlayStation 2 game has a Mosh number even tho we didnt release it, for that make-the-collectors-work-hard reason.

But unlike Factory, Earache saw a lawyer early and actually signed contracts with most of its bands, so that was a crucial difference.I also never got sidetracked into running clubs or bars either, probably because Earache has never had the massive chart hits that could fund such wacky endeavours.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Severe Torture & Nox connection?

Question: This is about two of your bands who share members, with nox and
severe torture which band came from which did nox form as a side project of
severe torture or vice versa or are they two bands who mutated together?
Also do you know if it is difficult with members in two bands who are that
close to seperate what material is written for what band? From:

Answer:yeah its confusing, the bands are very closely linked but Severe Torture are Hollands most well known Pure Death metal band and have been around for quite a while,while,Nox are more blackened DM and are newer. Seth (drummer of ST) joined Nox on vocals but the main difference is NOX are the brainchild of Rob Oorthuis (ex-Centurian) and to further confuse matters, Severe Torture bassist Patrick plays in both bands aswell.

Friday, November 02, 2007

How did we sign BONDED BY BLOOD?

Question: So how did earache discover bonded by blood then I mean LA is a bit far out from your offices in nottingham and new york. Was it through myspace, touring or word from another band they played some shows with the waste if what ive read on forums is correct. From:

Answer: You might have noticed we are madly into the new school THRASH METAL sounds at the moment. Evile are doing great for us, as are Muni Waste and SSS too.After a cool tip off from MOnte at RoadRunner,we actually were due to sign LA thrashers Fueled By Fire in 2006 but even tho we gotto contract stages, they chose Metal Blade instead.So we missed out on them, but did not give up our search.
We spent early 2007 looking at a few LA thrash bands because it is undeniably the hotbed of New-School Thrash at the moment, there are literally hundreds of bands popping up, all playing blistering old-school thrash like it was 1987 again, but none grabbed us enough for a deal.We had spent most of 2007 doing our research via myspace then Ali Marr at this office came across Bonded By Blood in July as a track on the Thrash Unlimited forum myspace.Just one track- Immortal Life- but it immediately blew our minds here, they became a firm favourite.
We quickly got to work on signing the band up, signing just before their EP was released, as they are far and away the most talented of the new school LA bands, with powerful vocals from Aladdin, and Alex Lee is a guitar legend-in-waiting.At roughly the same time, an unknown Thrash fan in LA had emailed me to make a suggestion-BONDED BY BLOOD so this genuine tip-off spurred us on to get the deal done, the fan quickly became Earache's A&R contact in LA.The debut BONDED BY BLOOD album- titled possibly FEED THE BEAST, will be out march 2008, and includes songs from the EP plus 7 more Thrash classics.