Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Earache & the Pathological Compilation (1990)

Question: I\'ve got a CD called the \"Pathological Compilation\", from the label \"Pathological\" (PATH 1). It was distributed by Revolver/Cartel and marketed by Earache. There\'s no date on the disc, but IIRC I picked it up new around 1993. It\'s got Earache bands from that era like Carcass, ND, and Godflesh; along with other bands like Coil, Silverfish, and God. The whole compilation is more industrial than grind - the ND track in particular is uncharacteristically industrial. What was the story behind this disc? Were there anymore releases on Pathological through Earache or otherwise? From: tsukaesugi@yahoo.com

Answer:Earache's leading grindcore bands were starting to make breakthroughs in the wider UK Independent music scene during the late 80's and came to the attention of noted London Indie scenester Kevin Martin.Kevin had earlier promoted one of the earliest Napalm death shows in London- at his 'Mule' club, which was a hotbed of the more open-minded underground London scenesters at the time.
Kevin was a major supporter of the early Earache bands and fancied doing a compilation of the more adventurous UK independent bands around at the time- which included a few of the Earache bands, as well as some of his fave traditionally Independent bands who were doing the rounds at the time, Silverfish, Terminal Cheesecake etc.

Kevin gathered the tracks from the bands (which was probably the first time the Earache bands had the freedom to record songs outside of the album framework, which is why they went for more experimental material)He also named his compilaton and did the art but crucially couldnt find the funds to press the record or distribute it.
Earache liked what he was trying to accomplish so I took on the marketing of the CD for him.Earache released the debut Pathological compilation- i think we did 5000 copies, and after the first pressing sold out we didnt repress it anymore.
After the debut,kevin/Pathological went on alone, to release several more records,- Earache was not involved anymore by that stage- by bands like Terminal Cheesecake and Oxbow..and notably, kevin started the first of his many artist collaborations with Godflesh's Justin Broadrick on the Techno Animalproject (Pictured with kevin, right) which Pathological also released.
Pathological folded a few years later.Kevin and Justin Broadrick went on to record countless collaboration projects for the next decade.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Earache give away 5000 FREE 'Thrash is King' T-Shirts in Hammer mag

Question: Where can I get one of these Thrash is king white shirts? And by the way congrats on signing Evile. From: sdobson666@gmail.com

Answer: we gave out a load of Thrash is King promotional T-shirts to journalists in London recently, maybe its that you have seen.Sorry but that one is now out of print.
However Thrashers in the UK be aware--we are also giving away 5000 Thrash is King shirts (see pics) FREE with the next issue of Metal hammer magazine in the uK, if you buy it from an HMV record store. So- buy your copy of Hammer in HMV from June 6th and claim your FREE thrash T-shirt, packed in the bag.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Earache bands in Guitar Hero Game?

Question: did i hear that you were creating an \"extreme guitar hero game\"? cuz that would be amazing, please say its true. cheers From: purehatred666@hotmail.com

Answer: Our PS2 game -Earache Extreme Metal Racing -is still the only extreme metal type rock game on the market, and its selling quite well. The initial concept was by the developer- Metro 3D, tho we had a large part in choosing the music (obviously) and some input on vehicles.The publishers of our game are currently porting it to the Nintendo Wii platform for release in approx october, and are also working on an 18+ hardcore blood and gore version, and also trying to work in some support for playing it via the Guitar hero controller in a later version.
Meanwhile Earache is also talking to harmonix (Guitar hero developer) about the inclusion of some of our bands in the next Guitar hero game- called "rock band", where players can choose an instrument, form a band and eventually play together in-game and even online.

Tyrant- speed metal band



Answer: yeah , i like your style, but the songs and riffs you play arent as catchy as fellow Californian Thrashers like Merciless Death or Fueled By Fire, i'm afraid.Good luck to you tho...

Indonesian Death metal bands

Question: is EARACHE looking forward to sign Indonesian Death Metal bands? From: annodaemoni@yahoo.ca

Answer: we never heard any Death metal bands from indonesia, but yeah why not, if they are brutal and original?

Earache DVD music

Question: Who play the music song in the Earache\'s DVDs (Napalm Death DVD, Carcass DVD, Entombeb DVD........), where appears a screen with Earache Logo flying in a purple sky with stars? Remember: I don\'t talk about Decapitated song \"Spheres of Madness\"! From: xcabalax@bol.com.br

Answer: It's Cathedral- the riff is from the middle section of a song called 'Voyage Of The Homeless Sapian'.The song is 20+ minutes long and the riff we used to open the title sequence of the early Earache DVDs is at about 16 minutes from memory. Its classic huh?

Friday, May 04, 2007

Municipal Waste Special edition CD w/ Patch - out June 11

Question: Is there going to be a pre-order for the new MUNICIPAL WASTE cd? and if so will it come with any free cool shit?? From: darthauclair@hotmail.com

Answer: see the special editions HERE
The main special edition is CD with FREE Woven Patch, and bonus songs, limited to 5000 copies.This will be available to order from the earache webstore soon.Vinyl LP will be also available in an assortment of colors.Set your calendars for Monday 11th June- its "Thrash Monday"