Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How many Muni Waste vinly LP colors?

Question: Hello Earache,

I\'d like to know the pressing info for the \"the Art of partying\" LP. On what colours and how many of each color will be pressed?



answer: its pressed and onsale today from the Earache webstores.This Thrash-tastic soon-to-be-classic LP is available in a mindboggling -10 -count 'em -different colored slabs o' wax.200 of each exist.Snap em up to be assured of a collectible rarity thats surely gonna be worth stacks in years to come. First come first served!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Coalesce on Earache circa 1996-7?

Question: two questions for you.

1) Is it true that Dig is the reason for the Book choosing death\'s existance, I read somewhere that albert originally only intended to interview Dig but then the book expanded from that.
2) How did Earache end up signing Coalesce, I mean they werent exactly the type of sound that you would associate with earache at the time and did you look into any other bands from that scene at the time such as botch and converge. From:

Answer:yeah- according to Albert, the catalyst for the book came from the 2 or 3 indepth interviews he did with me for a local Philly mag- around 2000 when we issued a label compilation called "Immortalised",which was 3 cds in a tin can,(to represent a kinda mini-time capsule).I guess he enjoyed me reciting the completely candid story of the explosive rise of this label, from humble beginnings to selling millions of records in early 90's to a kinda downturn in our fortunes in late 90's, and the subsequent rise of death metal acts on other labels- in essence he saw the potential to recount the complete story of the scene.I also reckon the success of books like Lords of Chaos and American Hardcore prompted him to take it further.
As for Coalesce- we signed the band early on to a 7inch record deal,because we saw they had potential and as a HC band they were highly unusual in taking an more open minded stance towards metal cos at the time the 2 scenes rarely mixed.Sadly line up problems meant the band did not progress too well.


Question: What ever happened with December? I picked up The Lament Configuration a few years ago, and about 20 listens later, I finally found what I was looking for. The last news article is from \'04 saying they have a new singer and are recording, but I haven\'t been able to find out a damn thing more about them. \"December\" is a tricky word to google. From:

Answer: yes December were a great band-from Reno, Nevada, and played what might be described as stop /start hardcore with metallic riffs and breakdowns- or in other words-early metalcore.In about 2003 their long-term singer and leader Mark Moots quit the bqnd after 10 years service and the band sadly imploded after that.BUT-They made a great promo clip for the track "host" off the lament configuration album..filmed by Pete Bridgwater at a ranch just outside Reno, if you look carefuly you can see 2 disused jet fighter planes in the aircraft hanger the band are playing can view it here;