Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Skindred- formerly Dub War?

Question: Do you happen to know how to get in touch with Skindred - the band formerly known as Dub War?

-aztrid From:

Answer: Yeah Skindred is the new band formed by the members of Dub War (who recorded 2 albums and numerous singles on earache in mid 90's).They play a similar style of punk-ed up ragga metal, but are getting much more successful than Dub war were. As it happens only Benji the singer remains from the Dub war line up.Jeff and Ging now work as production team in South wales, and actually recorded the early Bullet For My Valentine demo(as Jeff Killed john).You can check out Skindred on myspace

Monday, January 22, 2007

Favourite Earache release?

Question: Kind of a stupid question, but I was curious. What are your favorite Earache releases? Are there any that you really dislike, or wonder what you were thinking when you released it? From:

Answer:I've been asked this question a few times over the years- out of the 300+ titles Earache has released in 20 years, my all time favourites are Napalm's Scum and Carcass' Reek and Terrorizer's album, and i can honestly there are none or very few which i actively dislike..most bands have been carefully selected after much consideration, after all, and i personally signed their contract, so its a given, I must surely have liked them.Out of the newer bands- faves are Berzerker, Akercocke, Deicide,Ephel Duath, Municipal waste,Cult Of Luna, Biomechanical, Decapitated,Evile.

Generally, i tend to like our more out-there, more unique-sounding releases, most titles in the catalog are groundbreaking in a some way, sonically, lyrically, or in terms of the scene they represent, sometimes it might take a decade or more for the music to be accepted as such tho!!.Earache traditionally is ahead of the curve- we actively dislike to jump on anyones bandwagon, to mercilessly sign a string of bands sounding like the latest new new thing- we just dont do that.We prefer the mavericks, the outsiders, the bands unafraid to try somthing different.

Bands which i loved the most are some of Earache's least OLD, Ewigkeit, Shortie.All unique, forward thinking and extremely talented musicians, but cruelly overlooked by fans at the time of their releases.

Friday, January 19, 2007

No Glen Benton on Deicide Euro tour?

Question: Why Glen Benton did not show in the venues in Spain and Portugal, on European\'s Deicide tour?!? From:

Answer: He is in Florida attending to a court case to do with matrimonial/custody matters- it was meant to end a week or so ago, and it was hoped- even reported- that he would fly to Paris to join the tour, but other circumstances have caused further delays to his departure date. He will join the tour at some stage,Glen is desperate to travel and play for the fans in Europe, we hold flights daily to diferent cities in case he can finally leave.Meanwhile the rest of the band decided to show their commitment to the fans and promoters on this tour by carrying on so, they recruited a new singer from Polish band Dissinter, who is doing an admirable job filling in at short notice, fans are seemingly happy to acknowledge the bands perseverance in pretty unusual circumstances.
Deicide are actually Earache's most toured band-with Glen they have played approx 200 shows in the last 2 years, travelling across the globe to places like Korea, Australia, new zealand, plus numerous USA and European tours.Sometimes personal matters infringe on the best laid plans, I'm afraid.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lock Up & project bands

Question: Did Earache ever look into signing lock up when the band was around being that the majority of the musicans were contracted to earache anyway? From:

Answer:We did all the napalm death members projects in the early 90's- Meathook seed, Blood From The Soul, hell, even Terrorizer was classed a project- but none of them did as well as the main band.So, nah- we had no interest in Lock-up, as from memory we had just dropped Napalm death in 1999, and Tomas quit ATG in 1998 or so- we thought of shane and jesse as ex-artists at that point, and wanted to steer well clear of anything they did-So we had no actual contractual arrangements with the members as they formed lock up.Nick barker has never been signed to Earache actually- and it was Nuclear blast who snapped up Lock up instead.
If i gave ya a list of all the side projects that Earache signed artists have tried to get off the ground, while being signed or soon after being dropped, we'd be here all day.Its almost fashionable for band members to be 2-3 bands at once nowadays, but we prefer for our artists to focus on their "main" band, and advise them to do so as touring a project band can be troublesome.But we also give a lot ofour acts freedom to do other things- hence a lot of Earache artist's projects come out on other labels.right now i can think of sam from berzerker's project called Senseless, coming out on Anti-culture,after it was rejected by us.There are hundreds of other projects our artists have been involved in.

Is There A God?

Question: is there a god

answer: Wow you certainly ask some searching questions here!.Personally i beleive there is NO God. No Allah, Baal,Zeus or Wotan- all are irrational concepts distilled in weak minds.All religions are causes of conflict- imagine a world with no religious beliefs- there would be no suicide bombers, no 9/11, no crusades, no witch hunts, no Northern Ireland would be much happier place if people could escape the trap of Religion.In my opinion, there is no God but yourself.Read the lyrics of Deicide, penned by Glen Benton, for further information.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Agnus Meat plow- The home of metal?Errr....

Question: What is it exactly is it a band has to bring to the table to get a record deal. I know a band has to bring a prospect of success and knowledge of music. However, being in a metal band is also about raw agressive attacks on humanity. So does attitude, and metal integrity have any say anymore. If so check out www.myspace/
the home of metal From:

Answer:Its also about giving us your correct website URL dude..this doesnt we cant check out your band...i guess you blew yer chance.Oh well..

Does quality of demos matter?

Question: does quality of demo\'s on myspace affect your judgement of the songs? From:

Answer: no it doesnt- we are listening for originality of the music, and especially we listen out for tightness of the musicians playing together- we listen for microsecond sloppiness in the playing, and bands with great, tight, grooving drummers stand a better than average chance of being picked up.

The number of myspace plays is becoming increasinglty relevant- especially the daily plays, as many bands now have figured how to acheive 500,000+ plays...y'know It's hard to pinpoint why some bands get signed and some dont,its all about the elusive x-factor (or should it be axe-factor?), which having sold over 9 million records across 350+ releases, almost all of them exclusively of the extreme music genre,which we kickstarted, we think we have a slight clue about this stuff by now.

We make allowances for the fact that most bands cant afford a slick production, when we listen to them.We actually have bands coming to us with professionally recorded demos or full albums in some cases but it doesnt affect our interest.We recently had an unsigned band offer us an andy sneap produced album, which is sonically incredible,as he is a world class producer,sadly we're not feeling the band's vibes, so passed on it.This proves that quality of demo recording has no effect on signings.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What are ex-earache employees doing now?

Question: i remember reading that one of the heads of anti-flag\'s AF records is a former employee of earache (US) is this true?
also of the former earache employees do most of them remain working in the music industry after they have left the company and how many have started their own labels. From:

Answer:Yes- its Jorge, an esteemed ex Earache USA staffer from the mid- 90's.This is a question we think about a lot here in the office cos actually an astonishingly high percentage of staff who have left Earache over the years,do still work in the music business, at all levels.We deal with our ex-staff nearly every day in some capacity or other.Some are very famous in their chosen fields.

Given that most of the folks starting here have no music industry experience whatsoever- which is partly to do with our longstanding policy of taking on newbies, and partly because recruitment of experienced music industry professionals in Nottingham, UK is hard, as its 100 miles from London,it could be argued that Earache is a the perfect starting point for anyone trying to break into the music industry.Statistics bear it out.

Currently our alumni are working as:

A&R Vice president for Atlantic Records/Manager of Shiny Toy Guns
Press officer of Virgin Records
Press officer of Century Media Records
Press Officer- SPV records
Editor- metal maniacs magazine
Owner of PR firm - Hero Pr
Marketing manager of Jagermeister
Art director Eagle entertainment
Accountant Hot Records (eva cassidy)
label manager of Koch Records
label manager of Equal Vision records
Label manager of AF records (antiflag)
Owner of darkwave records
owner of boss tunage records
Owner of gentle electric records
Running NYC's only metal club- Precious Metal Mondays @ lit club.
guitarist and drummer in upcoming NYC band- Wetnurse

our ex-staff have also worked for Columbia & Roadrunner as Radio Promotions,Rockstar Games (grand theft auto etc),sales manager @ Doc data pressing plant,Tour booker for Fugazi, manager of Carcass & Echoboy, manager of Sixbyseven, Founder of Whitby Gothic weekend, resident DJ at Nottingham the Social..etc..basically, our staff get bloody everywhere!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Earache mispressings & misprints- any value?

Question: I bought a cd of napalm death\'s from enslavement to obliteration a couple of weeks ago but didnt get a chance to listen to it until now. I think that there was a mistake when the cd was made because although all of the artwork (the insert, the booklet and the priting on the cd itself) is how its suppose to be, the songs are not. The cd turned out to be a copy of entombed\'s wolverine blues instead. Not that i\'m dissapointed or anything, just a little confused. Do mistakes like this happen often, and would this cd be worth more because of it. From:

Answer: It's the first i've heard about this mispressing, it sounds like a weird one.As for its actual value, i think its possibly worth more as a mispressing to an avid collector than the regular CD, beleive it or not!These things are basically mistakes by the plant and are damn rare,and happen when the cd machine operator doesnt replace the art/on body at the same time as the master audio for a pressing next inline- so the next print run goes onto a different disc- until its noticed within 1-50 discs,and should be scrapped but some get through.Strangely such events are getting more common as our catalog gets larger.Recently i heard about a terrorizer cd containing opera music and years ago i think a Carcass contained Queen.try to buy them on ebay?You will need a lot of dosh!

I guess its an American pressing of the Napalm death FETO- because in USA all earche's titles are pressd at a single plant -Cinram- its an EMI owned plant,and presses all EMI catalog as well as earache's because our distro (Caroline) is an EMI owned distro.the possibilities of mispressings like the one you mention are higher than in Uk/Europe where we use about 4-5 different plants to make our cds.

We are waiting for a Napalm death CD to be pressed in small numbers containing The Beatles music..or a Beatles CD pressed with Morbid Angel's music by mistake--haha that would be priceless to Beatles collectors.