Wednesday, December 06, 2006

John Zorn's Naked City Line up?

Question: I wonder if you can help me out regarding the actual line up of one of your bands
I was listening to a recording of a Naked City show a few years back and on it there was mike patton singing yet on the earache bio for them hes not listed, did mike join later or somthing and is this the only earache band hes been involved with? From:

Answer:Noted New York jazz- saxophonist John Zorn formed Naked City, as an rotating ensemble of accomplished and open minded musicians to explore the avant garde,to scale the outer reaches of music.Naked City recorded "Torture Garden" in 1991, a record at least a decade ahead of its time- it features 42 cuts of intense grindcore/jazz/country/you name it blasts with vocalist Yamatsuka Eye from japanese noise band The BOredoms.

John Zorn asked Earache to release it at the time on Vinyl LP and cassette MC only, saving the CD release for his friends label Shimmy Disk. It was also released by Toys factory in japan.

Mike Patton is not the vocalist on the Torture Garden recording,and he doesnt appear on any Earache release,sadly, but i guess he joined John Zorns ensemble after leaving faith No More and he has featured in many John Zorn projects since.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, Dig, Patton toured with Naked since 1991. Maybe it was during Faith No More tour brakes, cause I saw some gigs which Zorn featured as vocalist, but there are a lot of online bootlegs you which we can hear his voice and Zorn used to end up some shows crediting Mike as guest vocalist. To be honest, it would be awesome if they singed together. And both would became fine Grindcore vocalist.