Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Question: What ever happened with December? I picked up The Lament Configuration a few years ago, and about 20 listens later, I finally found what I was looking for. The last news article is from \'04 saying they have a new singer and are recording, but I haven\'t been able to find out a damn thing more about them. \"December\" is a tricky word to google. From: cailinltj@hotmail.com

Answer: yes December were a great band-from Reno, Nevada, and played what might be described as stop /start hardcore with metallic riffs and breakdowns- or in other words-early metalcore.In about 2003 their long-term singer and leader Mark Moots quit the bqnd after 10 years service and the band sadly imploded after that.BUT-They made a great promo clip for the track "host" off the lament configuration album..filmed by Pete Bridgwater at a ranch just outside Reno, if you look carefuly you can see 2 disused jet fighter planes in the aircraft hanger the band are playing in..you can view it here;


Anonymous said...

BUUUTTT... Moots has a new project in Reno. Not quite the same vibe, but The Swamp Donkey is an eclecticmix of southern rock, metal, and sludge. Check Them out!

Lips_of_an_angel said...

Mark made the band... And Jason was just the bomb on drums... sexy as all hell and great in bed too!