Thursday, August 09, 2007

Former Earache artists new works...

Question: I was wondering out of all the former earache artists whose current musical activities suprise you the most, for me it has to be nick royale of entombed being as he left to concentrate on garage rockers the hellacopters and managed to influence the hives along the way, although hes now come back to death metal with death breath. So which one is it for you. From:

Answer: Most of our former artists- and after 20 years of doing this, we have a LOT of ex-artists- most, to their credit keep on playing the kind of music which they did in the past whilst on the label, best examples are say Bolt Thrower and Morbid Angel.I guess that shows most of our bands stuck to thier guns and given that most of the early Earache musicians were wildly innovative in the orignal death/grind scene, that is how it should be. If you want to know the ex-musicians who have surprised and delighted me the most with their post-Earache output- it has to be Mick Harris and also Justin Broadrick.Thomas Lindberg and Jim Plotkin also fall into that category, for daring to be different.

Mick Harris basically was the prime force in early Napalm death and the super fast drumblast was his innovation, but he left the band and began a totally different musical direction..he began making more electronic music with Scorn.The album he produced called 'Zander' is incredible, its an earth-shaking bass driven dub album, quite unlike anything i had heard before, or since infact. Thats true innovation and creativity right there. As for Nicke ex-Entombed, there were subtle hints of his new hellacopters direction whilst he was still in entombed infact- the Kiss worship in interviews, the choice of New bomb turks to do a split 7inch release with.The rock n roll direction of the hellacopters seemed to be Nickes main choice of style, and he did very well with it after taking the leap from Entombed.

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