Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Severe Torture & Nox connection?

Question: This is about two of your bands who share members, with nox and
severe torture which band came from which did nox form as a side project of
severe torture or vice versa or are they two bands who mutated together?
Also do you know if it is difficult with members in two bands who are that
close to seperate what material is written for what band? From:

Answer:yeah its confusing, the bands are very closely linked but Severe Torture are Hollands most well known Pure Death metal band and have been around for quite a while,while,Nox are more blackened DM and are newer. Seth (drummer of ST) joined Nox on vocals but the main difference is NOX are the brainchild of Rob Oorthuis (ex-Centurian) and to further confuse matters, Severe Torture bassist Patrick plays in both bands aswell.

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Anonymous said...


There is no confusion.
NOX and Severe Torture are two very different bands.
NOX never was a mutation or a side project but is it’s own entity.

NOX can probably be said to be one of the many evolutions of what depth and dimension CENTURIAN could have laid path towards. Alas, what does matter is that Rob still writes and creates every waking moment like any real master creator.

Rob Oorthuis has always arranged, composed, and developed his own music with the kind of distinct genius that cannot be confused with any run of the mill death metal acts of the day.
NOX is far more demanding of the listener, it is intelligent, blasphemous, more aggressive, more progressive and always unconstrained; quite literally an aural and if willing a cerebral trip into a slice of chaos. With arrangements and lyrics for not just the thinking man or woman but for those non-conformist unwilling to just settle for mediocrity.

NOX and Robs manner of what he demands -the collaboration and caliber of work he puts out is matchless. It is said; it is liken to that of one of the greats when you watch him compose or when in a frenzied or possessed improvisation. To have his work on release is one thing, but to understand and witness the evolution and what he will unleash next is indeed an unholy blessing.