Monday, December 31, 2007


Question: I have the CD MOSH200, NEXTGEN Tour, which was an excellent tour. I have two versions MOSH200 and MOSH200A, the Pulkas tracks are the only ones that differ, is there a reason for this? Also since your re-issueing classic albums how about re-issueing Misery Loves Co debut album with their NEXTGEN perormance as a bonus DVD?

Answer: Wow, you are going back to 1998 with this was a good year, and as you say that NEXT GEN tour was pretty exciting..sadly none of the bands on that tour went onto major long term careers tho,in fact most split up soon afterwards- which is disappointing, looking back.Anyways, the 2 versions of the comp are because Pulkas started to play legal antics with us, in an effort to get off the label- some demo tracks were removed, as the ownership was in question.This was answered elsewhere a while back on this blog. As for classic albums- yeah i agree with you! MLC debut was and still is a classic (i liken it to Fear factory's demanufacture, but more experimental)- like a lot of Earache titles, its now considered classic but at the time was not really picked up on by fans in mass numbers- only those that truly know about music tend to delve into the underground where earache resides.yeah we have the footage from that 1998 show and might consider it for a DVD release. Singer patrik from MLC is now a respected music journalist in sweden.


Anonymous said...

MLC is my favourite band of all time. Criminally underrated. I would be ridiculously happy if a DVD or any live material were to be released. It would automatically become the greatest thing that has ever happened. :)

- Max, Canada

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Re-release their debut album - with all the bonus tracks from the ltd edition digipak version, and a DVD of bonus footage too!

Anonymous said...

Question for Earache: I understand that there was a video made for MLC's "It's All Yours" from Not Like Them. I have never seen it, is there anyway to view it or get a copy? Was it released on a compilation video or anything? The band's other videos "My Mind Still Speaks" & "Prove Me Wrong" were aired all over the place upon release and are easy to find today. What about "It's All Yours"?

Thanks for your time. :)

- MLC fan