Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Anyone know this person at FUDGE TUNNEL gig, 1992?

Question: Im gunna send you a link to this video as i have a question . The question is do you know who the guy is sat next to alex's amp lighting up? I wonder who he is as ive seen him in several live vids of earache bands eg when napalm were on arena. So being as you know alot of people affiliated with earache bands who is he? From:

Answer:This question sounds like it should be on Crimewatch TV show- "Can you name this person caught on camera smoking onstage in 1992?" Sorry, no idea. The person doesn't or didn't work for Earache, I can say that much. His position behind Alex's amp means he is obviously familiar with the band, or the venue. To me, he doesn't seem to be a fan, more like actually working at the club, which wasn't a club but the University of London Union. I'd wager he was the student at ULU's who booked the show. It shows the age of the clip, smoking was actually legal indoors back in the 90s.Also as you say someone fitting his description - and also smoking- is seen at the front of Napalm Death show in London that was filmed by the BBC for Arena. I can't recall if Napalm Death show was ULU or Kilburn National, but probably ULU.

Actually the readers of this blog have amazing memories of the early Earache scene, and I bet someone will recognise him. So- if you know who he is--please leave a comment.

Fudge Tunnel 1992

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