Saturday, October 07, 2006

Is ANYTHING too extreme for Earache?

Question: I know earache has some vile bands on the roster, but is there such a thing as \"too extreme\" for your taste? If so what would be too much? From:

Answer: hey- don't kid yerself bro, your band is'nt too extreme for us,sadly its just too predictable, and unoriginal.Earache has seen all the gore and guts before,we signed it,released it and promoted it over a decade ago, and still continue to release bands like Severe Torture in 2006, who thankfully back up the ultra-horrific imagery with actual killer music.To quote Alex in A Clockwork Orange its " Real horrorshow".

There are some things we cant sign or promote- mostly illegal or in bad taste- mainly because our distributors will not touch it.Any overtly racist or white power band like the ones on Resistance Records or say Skrewdriver from the UK, (pictured above)could never be signed for instance.Notorious Nazi skinhead band Skrewdriver were actually from a town close by Nottingham, Earache's HQ, and their leader and singer Ian Stuart died in the mid-90's in a car crash coming back from a gig,late at night.10 years later a local record collector dude drops by our office to buy tons of Mortiis vinyls, turns out he was the driver of the car that had Ian Stuart in it that night,which he survived of course.Weird huh?

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