Monday, October 02, 2006

Iron Monkey on vinyl?

Question: Did earache ever issue any Iron Monkey vinyl? From:

Answer: I don't think we ever made any vinyl of Iron Monkey's 2 albums for Earache.This is kinda dissapointing because the band were complete DIY/vinyl HC collectors themselves, as is the label manager at Earache, so i can only assume that back then during IM's short career (96-99) we werent into it.I remember well, Earache during that time had a major downer on vinyl, because it just didnt sell,even for the bigger bands.
Iron Monkey did make - with Earache's blessing- a vinyl 12inch for the USA based Man's Ruin label, but the label is long since defunct. Now that vinyl is king again we often wonder what items in the Earache back catalog deserve to be released on wax, maybe Iron MOnkey albums on LP might appear one day after all.We are planning a major set of LP Picture discs of classic back cat titles soon.

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