Sunday, December 17, 2006

Napalm Death rare 7" "The Curse"

Question: i have a limited 7 \" record of napalm death with a naked kid running down a street with other kids as well trying to find info on it and finding out its worth has the songs the curse, musclehead, your achievment, dead, and morbid deceiver any help would be great From:

Answer: this is probably the rarest Napalm death 7 inch vinyl ever made on Earache.It came out as a bonus free single with the original gatefold LP release of the second album by the band-1988's "From Enslavement To Obliteration".The curse is a slow dirgy number and is exclusive to this single, while the other 4 tracks are the extra tracks on the cd version.About 8000 from memory were made i think?The picture on the front is a classic image from Vietnam war- the kid has just been hit with a napalm bomb, and her flesh is in tatters and burning.Its a real,live napalm death.

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Anonymous said...

Great record, hard to find the two question: Are there different sleeves for the 7"? Most I´ve seen have this "flip-back-style" sleeve, top opening with a little cut-out area on rear top. My copy has just a folded insert (open at 3 sides), no cutout, no flip-back. Still looks original, the vinyl itself definitely is...
Please help me out here.