Thursday, May 24, 2007

Earache give away 5000 FREE 'Thrash is King' T-Shirts in Hammer mag

Question: Where can I get one of these Thrash is king white shirts? And by the way congrats on signing Evile. From:

Answer: we gave out a load of Thrash is King promotional T-shirts to journalists in London recently, maybe its that you have seen.Sorry but that one is now out of print.
However Thrashers in the UK be aware--we are also giving away 5000 Thrash is King shirts (see pics) FREE with the next issue of Metal hammer magazine in the uK, if you buy it from an HMV record store. So- buy your copy of Hammer in HMV from June 6th and claim your FREE thrash T-shirt, packed in the bag.

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jp said...

what about us thrashers in TX?