Friday, January 11, 2008

Dub War Vs Earache- huh???

Question: So whats the deal between earache and the newport south wales scene? its just being in a metal band myself ive been told \" you dont want to send a demo to earache, they fucked dub war\". Did Earache and Dub War part company on bad terms then and has this had a knock on effect on the entire scene, also out of interest does this happen often in the music scene

Answer:Wow thats pretty disappointing to hear...hey, instead of listening to know-it-alls in newport, why dont you ask Benji, Jeff or Ginge yourselves? they still live in Newport.Go Ask them! They had 5 top 50 hit singles during their time on Earache and a release on Columbia in America.So it wasnt too bad. Its funny to hear this because Jeff now and again personally sends me demos of bands who record in his studio- he sent me the Jeff Killed John demo(later to become it mighty Bullet For My Valentine) and Nochaa.Benji visits our office when he plays Rock City as Skindred.
It could be because of the scandalous review in Kerrang of our dub war re-issue, which stated quite wrongly that Dub War were mistreated while on the label.the mistreatment consisted of being dropped due to poor sales and unstable line up, but the band took it quite badly and as a knee jerk back-lash reaction slagged us off in the press including kerrang at the time- 1999 or so.Nowadays they know it was our business decision and have a different- more mature- opinion of their time on Earache.

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