Friday, January 11, 2008

Napalm Death- could have been like the SEX PISTOLS?

Question: Ok your probably sick of answering thease but heres another napalm question.

I was reading a justin broadrick interview and in it he said that napalm was meant to have been like the sex pistols in that they release one album have an impact and then split, He also said that he belives that scum is too long in that the album was only meant to have been side A and earache pushed for side B. Are thease statements true? or are they just theories of his many years after the events that happened.

Answer: Yeah i know what he means- I agree it would have been more apt and perhaps poetic if the band HAD split after scum...the band was so revolutionary, incendiary and confrontational i think the original members could never have imagined the band still being around in some form, 20 years later. That was quite unthinkable back then...i guess both Nik and Justin thought that having quit Napalm death, the band would naturally dissolve..but they didnt reckon on the resourcefullness of Mick harris who quickly recruited new members and carried on.Mick had a quite pragmatic reason to do this, cos the band was making money and he sensed a career in music was in the offing, he had no other options like joining other bands or a career in academia.Ironically, Mick had also quit within a few years also, leaving a whole new line up to fly the Napalm death flag to this day.
Justin is correct in that the demo that became the A_side was only about 20 minutes, and i deemed it not enough material to release it like that.So a B-side was insisted on- it took many months for the band to regroup and record the b-side material. then the finished album was released as 'Scum".

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