Saturday, April 12, 2008


Question: are you guys totally indie or do you have some sort of major backing. i\'m doing a report for class so any info on that would be aweosme. thanks!

Answer: We are about as indie as they come.The label is still 100% owned and controlled by the same muppet that started it in the bedroom, me.Its highly unusual for labels that have grown this size and been around so long to be without any Major label stake.The major labels- the 4 that are still responsible for over 75% of the worlds music sales- Universal, Sony-BMG, warners, EMI- do have a history of getting involved in big selling Indie labels, but Earache has pretty much operated under the radar of them, we've not had a huge act to attract their attention- just a series of pretty legendary and innovative metal acts through the years.We do currently use 2 majors for their distribution networks though- EMI in USA and Warners in UK.

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