Saturday, April 12, 2008


Question: Is it true that Qualcast used to work for Earache and his real name is Pete?

Answer: Lawnmower Deth seem to getting a bit of attention again lately- UK's Metal Hammer mag even asked for a track on last months cover-mount Thrash CD- we gave em Urban surfer 125.Lawnmower Deth were a much-loved Nottingham area UK thrash band circa 1990-96, mostly specialising in humerous, frantic songs with loads of crowd participation at their gigs ( witnessing 800 people doing the dying fly at rock city was a sight to behold).The members actual identities were shrouded in secrecy- going under stupid pseudonyms- but i can reveal that the singer Qualcast Mutilator did indeed work at Earache records during that time.Pete Lee was our press officer, and a ruddy fine one- Pete co-ordinated the press and promotion of Earache's legendary bands during the early 90's explosion.

Since the band split, sightings of the ex-members have been thin on the ground.. guitarist Paddy can still be often seen at death metal gigs in Rock city.Kev (Baron Von stench Chisel marbles) moved into tech-ing and became tour manager for Bullet for my valentine,he's one of the best in the business, so is constantly on the road to this day.Pete Lee moved into normal jobs, he sells interactive whiteboards to schools. I have a gut feeling a one off re-union gig will not be too far away.
But for now, heres a glimpse into their most famous moment!

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we are being told by the band that a one off reunion Lawnmower Deth show is planned for november in London at - i swear- ALEXANDRA PALACE. You heard it here first folks.