Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How To Get Signed- part 32,976

Question: heyy guys, i was wondering what we need to do to get signed by you guys. we\'re a new band in south east london, and we could really do with being signed. what do we need to do to get your seal of approval? thanks From: devil1000@hotmail.co.

Answer: Simple answer is write great songs, and tour them, and tour them some more, and keep touring- and if the lucky breaks go your way- right sound, right time- then its possible you might get signed to Earache or any label.One thing new bands have no clue about is the sheer number of other bands clamouring for the same thing....we get approaches on a daily basis- dozens- so up to 4000 bands yearly come to our attention...and since we only sign 4-5-6 bands per year, the simple maths says to be signed you have to be better than the 3995 others.its TOUGH ODDS, but some bands do fit the bill for this label, and they do get signed, so its not impossible.Read more on this topic HERE


Anonymous said...

My opinion: as a new band, getting signed shouldn't be one of your first priorities. How new are you guys? I believe that a band should exist by itself for at least six months to a year before anything major just to let itself mature and the members explore what they're creatively capable of. Can you see the topics you're singing about now as the same thing you want to be singing about a year down the road? Or are they just the topics bouncing around your head at the moment?

If you're going the route of trying to get signed by a label, have you developed anything different or unique this early in the game? What would make you stand out from the hordes of other bands (new and old) also competing for a sweet deal? If you're brand spanking new, you should really spend time figuring that out. If you're new and you DO have something you think is unique... Spend a bit more time anyways, because you're new and you still need to fine tune that uniqueness.

I would suggest that you go into making music with the mindset that you will never gain the attention of a label with just a demo, and figure out how you can do as much as you possibly can by yourself. With MySpace and iTunes and an unbelievable amount of free artist development and promotional assets at your disposal in this day and age, figure out the best and most efficient ways to use that to your advantage to get yourself out there and show you can accomplish what you want to independently.

The labels that judge soley on the musical skills of an artist are few and farbetween, and even then the competition is ungodly. Learn how to be independent, make sure MAKE SURE your songs kick ass and you may get someone's attention at some point.

It may take upwards of a decade in some cases, but if you really have the right stuff, you'll get someone's attention eventually.

Digby said...

100% agree with this comment...excellent posting dude, a very accurate assessment.
As an aside, Earache is now for the first time ever talking to bands who don't even see the need for a label, as myspace, itunes, youtube seem to be replacing the music distribution, the interacting with fans etc that a label traditionally would orchestrate on behalf of the band. Changing times indeed.All the web needs now is some site that allows bands to book national tours, maybe by hooking up available venue booking slots with available bands passing through the area...and then agents might be redundant too!

Anonymous said...

Interesting assessment of things. How many bands get totally caught up in this i wonder. I know of a few who forgot to have fun...