Friday, May 16, 2008

Sub-Pop and Fudge Tunnel connection?

Question: why do you think it is out of all the earache bands it was godflesh who clicked better with the seattle scene than any of the others? If you look at pictures of bands from that scene during the 90s theres either a godflesh shirt on a band member or a poster on the room that they are being photographed in, and didnt nivarna take gf on tour? I would have thought fudge tunnel would have clicked with that scene better personally but didnt they try to distance themseleves from it? From:

Answer:It was about the timing i think. The Sub-Pop driven grunge scene, before it exploded and its bands went onto world superstardom, had many of their debut albums in the UK indie charts in the early 90's, as Earache did too.Tho we were on 2 different continents, we were both making waves in the Indie rock scene, so we had a certain affinity, from afar, with Sub Pop for a year or two.We also knew the guy at our UK distro Revolver - Gary Held -who released the Sub Pop stuff here on Tupelo records, so we had a inside contact.
Nirvana never took Godflesh on tour, but i think Fudge Tunnel might have at least supported a Sub Pop band on an early london show once.Godflesh were asked to record for the sub pop singles club and 'Slateman' came out on 7inch on Sub Pop, Fudge tunnel were more intune with Amphetamine reptile bands like jesus lizard or we kinda had a few tenuous connections with those early 90's USA labels for while.Obviously everything changed soon after 'Nevermind' was out, Nirvana had become the biggest band on the planet, and our paths never crossed with sub pop ever again.

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