Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Favourite label of all time?

Question: Seeing as you run a fairly large label, who is your favourite label?

Answer: Well it depends if you mean current label or from the past.I was asked about the influence of Dischord/SST on the label in a past blog.Growing up in the UK, Rough Trade is often cited as the first, the greatest and most influential UK Indie label, and it probably was - it even had a TV documentary aired recently to celebrate 30 years or something.It changed the rules for how labels could exist outside of the major-label system, but I can't say it was a fave of mine.

Recently I've been reading the excellent book "Our Band Could Be Your Life" by Michael Azerrad, it details the birth and beginnings of the punk/alternative scene in the US during the early 80s, and while reading through it, i realised probably half the acts mentioned came from the SST stable.This reminded just how influential the SST label was- its fair to say it kick started the alternative/punk scene as we know it today, released a staggeringly high proportion of the best acts of the 80s, never sold out to anyone, never quit and apart from Greg Ginns quirky and self-obsessed CD output of recent times, the label stands proud as a beacon of excellence, its back catalog reads like a whos who of the prime movers and shakers of alternative rock & punk.
Its the best record label there has ever been- Punk, Stoner, Hardcore,Mash-up/Sound Collage, Indie Rock, Doom, Noise, Emo - SST invented them all.Buy em HERE
Need proof? check the videos below:
Black Flag


St. Vitus


Husker Du

Sonic Youth


Bad Brains

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