Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Swedish old-school DM scene

Question: What do you think of the new wave of old school swedish death metal that has popped up all of a sudden? After reading the terroizer article about the subject i feel that there is a big earache conection in that I belive the band that kicked it all off was death breath led by none other than ex entombed man nicke, do you have an interest in the scene at all or is it too retro for your taste? From:

Answer: Exciting, happening new music scenes, much like beauty, are in the eye of the beer-holder.One persons exciting new music scene is anothers retro-recycled unoriginal garbage.
If there is a such a thing as a new Swedish old school death metal scene sprnging up,you could have fooled us, because we don't see it, it has passed us by completely.
It does'nt take much to proclaim a "scene"- maybe 3 or 4 bands of a similar mindset with the same influences is all it takes.Wether the scene dies or blows up to be huge is the question.Most people are sheep like in their music tastes, and if enough of the cutting edge fans (called tastemakers/early adopters in marketing speak) embrace it, then the masses duly follow.

If a Swedish DM scene exists then I agree its probably due to Nicke's unashamedly old-school DM band DEATH BREATH. I read in a magazine that he was influenced to make the band after reading the Choosing Death book, it reminded him of the early 90's of which he was a major part of the first original wave with Entombed, of course.Maybe the Swedish Death metal book has played a part also.
To me its not retro enough!! it feels like yesterday that earache was doing the first wave of these bands anyway, so nothing too exciting or fresh to our ears.Earache is getting solidly behind the follwing scenes: new Thrash, new Deathcore and New Trad HM, mainly because Earache never did any of those types of bands in the past (which I regret) so its exciting to work with bands who posses a totally different outlook and approach to music.From a purely selfish point of view, it makes it a blast to come to the office every day because the musicians being mostly young, early to mid 20's tops, their creativity is firmly from the heart, their outlook is not jaded in the slightest, and they are fearless.
If they catch on then its a bonus.
But for Swedish Death metal to have a revival, it was very much the recent past for us, and therefore just doesnt have the same appeal.


theNotMan said...

How could you not like this but Love Deatcore? These kids seem genuine in that they are dedicated to an out of fashion style. I hope your wrong on this and the new Swedish Scene blows up.

Anonymous said...

Interesting you say that about the swedish death revival considering tribulation mainman adam zaars is also mainman of nwothm band Enforcer.

Pavel Wrekmiester said...

Deathcore? new Thrash? yuk
Not a surprise it's all marketing speak to you. do you even like this music apart from being doted on by
"entusiastic" twenty year olds?
check out Necrovation, Claws, Repugnant and then tell me that there's anything remotely genuine about something as plastic as "deathcore"