Saturday, December 10, 2005


Question: wtf is going on with the berzerker tour!! we been told its not happenng but then people are saying they got them booked for gigs? fucking clear this mess up!

answer: The Berzerker will be touring the UK in support of the new album "world of lies" around march-april time. Some dates were actually booked in some clubs by the agent for the band for feb, but these have been put back a month or two and are being booked by a different agent.Hence the confusion, sorry.The Berzerker line up currently lives on 2 different continents, original and long standing Berzerker bassist Sam lives in the Uk now,( as does old guitarist Matt who plays in Akercocke now) while mainman and singer luke is in Australia still.The line up which will tour is undecided but *might* include one or more Akercocke members helping out.look for dates announced soon.

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