Saturday, December 17, 2005


Question: I just read on Blabbermouth that Decapitated have split up.How can that be? Say it isn't so!

Answer: To be honest, we still dont know why, and suspect its not final but mere end of tour drama. We received this email from Mariusz the ex-manager of the band, seems some shit went down on their return from USA- note, contrary to the scandalously mis-reported internet 'facts' on Blabber, the problem is entirely internal to them and nothing to do with Earache.The latest news is we hear the band will still play with Nile with a USA based bassist and new singer Covan still on vocals, so...just goes to show don't beleive all the shite you read on blabbermouth or the message boards!

I am sorry to tell you, but band after coming back from US tour has problems with line-up.
Martin, their bassplayer and "voice" in contacts between me and band has decided to leave band, because of bad situation inside band.
Unfortunately, all Martin's leaving reasons are very serious...
I am worry my future cooperation with band, I am thinking about terminate my long-term deal with band.
I need to speak with my lawyer to make a decision, so please, if you have urgent questions regarding promotion please contact directly with band's members: (Vogg) (Vitek)
I am sorry for problems, if I could help you, please don't hesitate to contact with me!

Take care

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