Thursday, December 22, 2005

TOURING ADVANCES- non recoupable?

Question: how would i go about getting a non returnable advance from a record company in order to have a succeccfull national tour?

Answer: Flinch, thats an amazing question, and is a thorny subject which is discussed ona daily basis at all record companies with active touring bands! As Earache are a record company I often have to remind my bands that we are in fact a "record" company, not touring company....meaning that our foremost obligation is to provide the means to record and release and spread the recordings (which we make money off) and not the touring activities, which we don't see any income off.Record companies like Earache DO of course supply 'shortfall tour support' to assist bands touring especially in the early days before the band can command high enough gig fees to tour without losing money(usually around second or third album if the fans take to the band).The costs of touring USA can be very high indeed, you have to pay $100,000 to appear on an Ozzfest tour, and the cost is higher for a European band that needs immigration visas, return flights aswell...this can dwarf the costs to actually record the album.

Getting it non returnable is the real tricky part- as all/most companies seek to recoup those costs, i don't know any that dont recoup it! if you have any recordings you can give the company in return for $$ it might be possible..meaning if you have a self released album you could sell it to them, and then use the funds to go do the tour.. good luck.

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