Friday, January 19, 2007

No Glen Benton on Deicide Euro tour?

Question: Why Glen Benton did not show in the venues in Spain and Portugal, on European\'s Deicide tour?!? From:

Answer: He is in Florida attending to a court case to do with matrimonial/custody matters- it was meant to end a week or so ago, and it was hoped- even reported- that he would fly to Paris to join the tour, but other circumstances have caused further delays to his departure date. He will join the tour at some stage,Glen is desperate to travel and play for the fans in Europe, we hold flights daily to diferent cities in case he can finally leave.Meanwhile the rest of the band decided to show their commitment to the fans and promoters on this tour by carrying on so, they recruited a new singer from Polish band Dissinter, who is doing an admirable job filling in at short notice, fans are seemingly happy to acknowledge the bands perseverance in pretty unusual circumstances.
Deicide are actually Earache's most toured band-with Glen they have played approx 200 shows in the last 2 years, travelling across the globe to places like Korea, Australia, new zealand, plus numerous USA and European tours.Sometimes personal matters infringe on the best laid plans, I'm afraid.

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