Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What are ex-earache employees doing now?

Question: i remember reading that one of the heads of anti-flag\'s AF records is a former employee of earache (US) is this true?
also of the former earache employees do most of them remain working in the music industry after they have left the company and how many have started their own labels. From:

Answer:Yes- its Jorge, an esteemed ex Earache USA staffer from the mid- 90's.This is a question we think about a lot here in the office cos actually an astonishingly high percentage of staff who have left Earache over the years,do still work in the music business, at all levels.We deal with our ex-staff nearly every day in some capacity or other.Some are very famous in their chosen fields.

Given that most of the folks starting here have no music industry experience whatsoever- which is partly to do with our longstanding policy of taking on newbies, and partly because recruitment of experienced music industry professionals in Nottingham, UK is hard, as its 100 miles from London,it could be argued that Earache is a the perfect starting point for anyone trying to break into the music industry.Statistics bear it out.

Currently our alumni are working as:

A&R Vice president for Atlantic Records/Manager of Shiny Toy Guns
Press officer of Virgin Records
Press officer of Century Media Records
Press Officer- SPV records
Editor- metal maniacs magazine
Owner of PR firm - Hero Pr
Marketing manager of Jagermeister
Art director Eagle entertainment
Accountant Hot Records (eva cassidy)
label manager of Koch Records
label manager of Equal Vision records
Label manager of AF records (antiflag)
Owner of darkwave records
owner of boss tunage records
Owner of gentle electric records
Running NYC's only metal club- Precious Metal Mondays @ lit club.
guitarist and drummer in upcoming NYC band- Wetnurse

our ex-staff have also worked for Columbia & Roadrunner as Radio Promotions,Rockstar Games (grand theft auto etc),sales manager @ Doc data pressing plant,Tour booker for Fugazi, manager of Carcass & Echoboy, manager of Sixbyseven, Founder of Whitby Gothic weekend, resident DJ at Nottingham the Social..etc..basically, our staff get bloody everywhere!

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Anonymous said...

Doing P&R for Earache in Germany was one of my first jobs in the metal scene (mid/late 90's). It was really great to work with Digby, Dan and all the bands. Today I'm the Head Of A&R at Century Media Records Europe and enjoyed a beer with Digby at the Bloodstock Festival 2007 watching Arch Enemy - a band with both Earache and CM history. Hope to see Digby and Dan in 2008 again!