Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Concrete Sox on Earache -80s HC band.

Question: Why didn\'t Earache or has the label ever thought of signing Concrete Sox to their legion of hardcore bands back in the 80\'s? Indeed they did a split album with Heresy but why didn\'t Earache try grabbing in Concrete Sox for a record deal?

In my humble opinion, Concrete Sox were a gem in the hardcore/crossover movement of the 80\'s and sadly, their legacy isn\'t carried on much today other than through P2P mp3 sharing programs (like Soulseek, etc). It would\'ve been great to see Concrete Sox get their own record/CD released on Earache so at least people can get better access to the band (of course, that is if the label decided to reissue their CD\'s.) From:

Answer: Earache's Mosh 2 release was actually my first proper release and as you say was a split LP between 2 of Nottingham's crossover/HC/metal bands at the time,late 80's, HERESY and CONCRETE SOX. It soon became clear that heresy were the much better received by fans at the time, probably because of the amount of touring they undertook. CS tended to stay at home.Also Earache didnt really want to work with CS anymore after the success of Napalm death's scum LP, the label took on a very different course and I signed much more metalcore acts, CS were more a political punk band who loved a bit of metal.As time went on, CS recorded a few more releases and survive in some form to this day, but have always suffered from line up problems.

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