Monday, September 24, 2007

The Horror/Voorhees on Earache?

Question: Im wondering since earache has signed SSS, Are you looking into any other members of the thrashgig crew at all eg the horror? Speaking of the horror, I heard that earache offered to sign them back in the day when they were voorhess but the band said no because of their DIY ethics is this true? id be suprised if earache showed no interest as they were one of the main ukhc punk bands back in the 90s. From:

Answer: Earache has a strong Hardcore punk background- after all, its the music that I grew up with, the first 80's wave of US and UKHC bands, but Earache hasnt done too many of those straight up HC bands since HERESY.While I am all in favour of the DIY ethics (hell,I still kinda consider Earache a DIY label)sadly, the purist holier-than-thou attitudes of a lot of current HC bands means they don't want to work with us, and I can accept that, we are just fine with that.

In the 90's Earache spoke to quite a few of the UKHC bands- I honestly dont remember talking to Voorhees, but I recall Knuckledust were one of my faves because they sounded crushingly heavier- but they were always happy enough with their current situation and did'nt fancy working with a bigger label.Fair enough.As a consequence,most of the bands Earache prefers to sign have got to have a much more 'crossover' mindset- meaning a love of all things metal aswell as punk.Iron Monkey for a time were like that, till Steve Watson left, a lot of the 'metalhead' attitude left with him, so they reverted to operating like a traditional HC punk outfit.

SSS fit the crossover bill- thats why we work with them, but even tho I never checked them out properly,I assume The Horror & Voorhees before them are/were steeped 100% in the HC scene and while I applaud their principles and their DIY efforts,its something we dont go for as a label, to be honest, with one exception of
Career Suicide cos they are outstandingly brilliant.

Heres Voorhees in 1995 live at bradford:

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