Thursday, September 20, 2007

Could SLEEP have been massive, like Wolfmother?

Question: do you think if sleep had stayed together they would have been alot more comercially successful than they were? im asking this because they are listed as a main influence of wolfmother on wolfmother\'s who are a band who have made it very big with a similer sound. Im just wondering do you think the orginals could have had the same success? From:

Answer: I know what you mean- on the face of it Sleep were sounding remarkably like Wolfmother, but a decade beforehand.The truth is both bands were influenced by the 70's Hard Rock originators, Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Led Zep etc but Wolfmother came out in 2005 to a more mature rock-friendly record buying climate that Sleep didnt benefit from back in the 90's.Sleep did have the chance for stardom when they signed to a major label-London records- but they blew it by wilfully making a 73 minute one song/one riff of an album that the major shelved because it was totally uncommercial.In short, Sleep didnt pander to the corporate Industry game, and you have to applaud them for that.Wolfmother also have more obvious Robert plant vocals that Sleep lacked.So yeah i think if Sleep had cared about making it big, they would have done it, sure..but they just did not give a shit.

make your own mind up by viewing the video we shot of them in 1993:

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