Thursday, January 24, 2008

Carcass- How to tell rare 1st press LP?

Question: Hello, I want to ask you about first press CARCASS vinyls. How many were released not only on black vinyls. I founded out that there are one Reek of Putrefaction clear vinyl and two, one in normal sleve other in gatefold, red Symphonies of Sickness vinyls. How many more were released in the same time with the original black colour vinyls?

Please note that im talking not about re-releases in 2002, but about originals!

Answer: first press of carcass reek came in black vinyl only- about 3000 copies from memory in 1988.You can tell the difference between the 2002 re-issued LP because the original has NO BARCODE on the back.Also for a joke the record label says MUSH 6 rather than the actual MOSH 6 catalog number.The absolute first copies of the Reek album came with white square-ish sticker proclaiming it to the heaviest and sickest band in the world or some nonsense i dreamt up back then to sell it, that version is rare to find.
For symphonies of sickness the rare original 1989 is single black LP but in gatefld sleeve, and also 1000 copies in red vinyl.You can see the versions pictured on our catalog page.


Adam said...

I recently found an original vinyl press of the Reek of Putrefaction, released in the UK in 1988 for $15.89 at a local record shop. What would be an appropriate guess as towards how much this vinyl is actually worth?


Anonymous said...

Check on Discogs for today's price: