Thursday, March 27, 2008

CARCASS- original CD made in France-??

Question: Good afternoon! My name is Dmitriy. I am a collectioner of CD\'s of extreme music from Russia. Please, exuse me for me bad english. About 1991-1992 I bought CD Carcass - Symphonies of sickness MOSH 18CD with bonus tracks and original cover with meat collage and without logo of carcass and without title of album on the first page of booklet. I have the following problem and question:

On the back inlay of my CD where is following information:
MOSH 18CD, 5 018615 101826, Made in England.

But on CD (red picture) where is following information: MOSH 18CD, Made in France by MPO,
Published by EARACHE SONGS U.K., C 1989 Earache records, p 1989 Earache records.

CD Matrix is: Mosh Cd 18 MPO 07.

Please, help me! I do not understand what does it mean? CD made in France and artwork made in England or not? Is my Cd is a right first pessing CD
or not? I hope, that your specialists help to me. Best regards. I am fan of Carcass, Napalm death, Municipal waste, Filthy christians, Terrorizer and many other Earache bands.

Answer: yes indeed this is an early first pressing of the Symphonies of sickness CD by Carcass.Back in 1989 this was a time before the EU! and each seperate country of manufacture was required to be published on the packaging.As you rightly point out, the cd was made in France at MPO plant and the booklet/artwork was made in England- at senol printing.Nowadays the artwork probably says made in EU.

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