Sunday, March 02, 2008

Cathedral CD + DVD release?

Question: Is there any chance you guys might reissue Cathedral\'s \"Forest of Equilibrium\"? The remastered tracks from \"The Serpent\'s Gold\" were stunning. Maybe a Dual CD/DVD? A doomster can only hope....

Answer: yeah its quite possible we will release this.We are doing a whole slew of Re-issues of our "classic" back catalog titles with FREE DVD- so far its been Napalm Death, Haunted, Entombed- and soon At the gates with never-before seen live gig from 1995, and also Deicide with never before seen gig on DVD.Carcass are having their entire 5-album career issued as CD=DVD editions aswell. So- Cathedral fit the bill-Doomsters should watch out for it!

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