Thursday, March 27, 2008

CARCASS- 5 DVD documentaries coming up soon

Question: I have preordered the latest Necroticism reissue. What I was wondering about is - what is the release schedule for the other reissues? I am really anxious to get their full discography and watch the entire documentary :)

Answer: Carcass were interviewed - all members, in liverpool and london and in various locations- for a few days in september 07, and the resulting documentary film is 2 and half hours long.It charts the history of the band from 1988's gore-soaked grind beginnings to the major label-bound Death metal chart act which split up in 1996.The whole story is told in the bands own words.The documentary is split into 5 parts- and called THE PATHOLOGIST'S REPORT. Each part comes as bonus material DVD in USA or DUALDISC in UK/EUrope on the reissue of each of the bands 5 albums which is taking place from April (with necroticism) then every couple of months, heartwork, reek, symphonies, and swansong, till the end of the year. So the parts are released in a strange sequence- parts III, IV, I, II, and finally VI.The crazy thing about the documentary is it goes into great detail of the career of the band BUT DOESNT MENTION THE REFORMATION, as this was not announced until the end of 2007.In some ways the actual getting together for the DVD was the spark for the band to reform we feel.


theNotMan said...

Will you guys ever be releasing the DVD portions as a seperate DVD Documentary for the fans who already have the albums? I'd really like to get the DVD portions but I think it's a waste for me to re-purchase each album since I have them all. Also will you be putting out the At the Gates Warsaw,Poland show as a seperate DVD?

Digby said...

Honestly, I dont think the ATG show will EVER be available seperately on DVD to buy. Its free with the CD.

Buy the CD + DVD and throw the CD away or give it to a mate, thats what i suggest, its the same price as buying a seperate DVD, just not in a DVD case.

It sounds crazy i know but stores just dont stock music DVDs in great quantities... we find they sell incredibly poorly when on their own, for reasons we cant figure out, actually.

Cos you guys DONT buy DVDs, we have to kinda sneak the footage into the CD packaging to reach anywhere the numbers we want to ship.lets not forget the DVD is FREE bonus material here, but i guess it must be annoying if you already have the original CD- it doesnt seem like you are buying anything "new".

Likewise there are currently no plans to release the Carcass footage on anything other than as extras on the 5 CDs+DVDS.I admit a single 2 1/2 hr documentary DVD would be a neater presentation of the film...but we decided to add footage to each CD- for Same reason as above.

Buy em or don't- its up to you guys after all what you spend yer money on.

I also should add we decided to film the members and release a documentary film months BEFORE Carcass re-united.