Monday, July 21, 2008

Gama Bomb compared to Onslaught?

Question: i dont know if you accept feedback in this section but hey, I discoverd gamma bomb through an add in terroizer and also interview and reviews where they were being compared to nuclear assult, as much as they are compared to ny thrash for some reason they remind me more of possibly the greatest thrash band britain ever produced Onslaught( how earache didnt get them when they reformed is beyond me) am i missing the point or somthing like earache trying build its own big four maybe or have i just over noticed how one of the hooks on \"sentenced to thrash\" sounds an awful lot like one of the main hooks from onslaught\'s \"killing piece\" From:

Answer: Glad you checked out our fast-rising Irish ThrashersGAMA BOMB, and enjoyed the Thrash vibes! As for the reviews comparing them with the old school acts like Nuclear Assault - i think thats fairly spot on actually- even if the lads in GB are early-mid 20's and werent on the scene when Nuclear were in their pomp.Motorhead were a massive influence on the bomb too.Agent Steel comes to mind on some songs where singer Philly hits the high notes aswell.But Onslaught? Wow i dont see any comparison there, sorry, none at all.I was a bigtime fan of Onslaught in the mega-early days pre-Power from Hell (when they were still a HC punk band- hmmm it could be argued I was the one responsible for 'turning them onto'Thrash actually, but thats another story) sadly, I didnt follow much of their later career.
When Earache started to get involved with the new-school thrash bands, we make a conscious decision to NOT WORK with the old stagers, because we actually prefer working with younger bands with a fresh take on the scene.

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