Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Multi-genre, one man band extraordinaire - BEELZEBUL

Question: I understand that Toxic Holocaust took quite a while to get signed. As a one man band, Joel Grind had to do a lot of the work himself. I am also a one man band, what do I have to do? I am 100% confident I have a bit more talent... From:

Answer: Sean dude- you have caused a bit of a stir here with your question, its a topic that crops up regularly, because I'm not a big advocate of the one-man-band scenario anymore-even if Earache has signed many artists in the past who were soloists, they were mostly making electronic music.Previous postings on this subject HERE.

As for your band(s) I've checked out the website where I see you have not only a metal band but also showcase material from your Classical, Punk, Pop and Dance acts too - thats a tad ambitious for one fella to undertake, maybe? Even seasoned, professional musicians can spend a lifetime trying to master the art involved in one specific genre- and here you are attempting to command five styles at once, its a common mistake made by the amateur to think that because you have mastered a few flashy guitar techniques, Beethoven is your next level.Sorry to burst your bubble but playing real music is not like a video game.

I also checked out the MySpace where the tarot meets baroque metal you are spearheading gets an airing.You certainly revel in this multi-genre approach, dude, I'll give you that.

Its true that Joel Grind's early works were one-man-band efforts, but personally, I really did not like them.In recent years he has formed a real band around him, and is now taking Toxic Holocaust to the next level.

Your philosophical ideas are well researched and from the heart, but in all honesty the one-man-band style is not the best to convey them I feel.Its just not potent, musically, when you play each instrument seperately- they just don't gel or appear cohesive to the listener.

It's more important to master the technique of millisecond timing as it is the flashier guitar moves, because with great timing comes that all-important extra power.Subtle changes to the timing- ie playing either just ahead or just behind the main beat is what gives the best music, be it metal, classical or whatever its groove and swing.Your timings are simply too wayward to even be effective.

But I wish you good fortune with your -numerous- projects.

The Ask Earache blogonauts can check out your highly unique tarot-meets-baroque-metal-hybrid song "The Dark Dao" clip here:


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Early Graves said...

Damn. Straight up telling it like it is. Annihilating people's stupid ass brains with the truth. Earache is one of the best fucking labels and Digby Pearson is the fucking man.

Joaquim said...

Dig gave a honest, polite picture of what it really is like. The guy's work is just very very amateurish. It's good to have this type of honesty.

Beelzebul said...

just realized you responded. Yes, my work was amateurish. I've improved considerably and so has the website.