Friday, April 28, 2006

Earache staffers at Nottm gigs

Question: i wonder if you can answer this one as its more to do with my own personal curiosity did earache attempt to sign any of the following bands sikth, eden maine, johnny truant, taint (uk) and black eye riot the reason why i am asking is because ive seen people who i know are earache staffers hanging out at their shows in nottingham From: Unknown.

Answer: yeah- well spotted mate .Earache staffers live and breathe music- so we turn up everywhere where quality music is played in Nottingham.Its our home town, and the HQ of the label, so after a hard days work in the office, we more or less live in the pubs and clubs checking new bands. (If you are in New York you'll see our USA staffers at every show there too).If you spot any of us in the old angel or rock city or junktion 7 (ok even the bloody rescue rooms/social sometimes too)-buy us a drink- we don't bite! But yeah we have seen all those bands you mention at their Nottm shows-sometimes at their debut Nottm gig-but it doesnt mean we are actively trying to sign them, more like merely checking em out cos like everyone else we have opinions on most bands- some we like, some we think are shite....I can state that none of the above bands have had an official approach to sign to Earache, but we considered them all - Sikth are an office fave-but not enough to make offers.An interesting fact is that Dorian from Black Eye Riot used to do work experience at the Earache office.

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