Saturday, April 29, 2006

Anaal Nathrakh -on Earache?

Question: have earache recently signed Anaal Nathrakh properly or somthing as you never had a bio for them before just their cds under license From: Unknown.

Answer: Anaal Nathrakh have 2 albums just re-issued by Earache (for the world outside EU) with many extra bonus tracks taken from their Peel sessions, issued under licence from original label, Mordgrimm.The band currently remain actually signed to Seasons Of Mist.We are proud to be associated with this most extreme of extreme bands and so naturally plonked their bio and info page on the site.
I say naturally, because the members of AN are also in Mistress, who are actually signed up to Earache proper, so it seemed obvious that we get involved in their AN project to some extent. Mick and Dave do- quite rightly -keep the 2 bands seperate, as they are 2 completely different animals, and sound totally different, with a different line up and band ethos.

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