Thursday, April 26, 2007

Godflesh/ PSI etc - are they Grind?

Question: Can you maybe explain why people always consider bands like Godflesh, Pitchshifter and Dead World grindcore? It\'s really annoying to see bands such as the ones above labeled that when they ironically were the total opposite of fast, blast beating madness. Hell, even the Earache webstore labeled one of Pitchshifter\'s album \"industro-grind\", which actually sparked the question I have in mind. From:

Answer: Early Godflesh was most certainly Grindcore, more accurately "Industrial Grindcore" at least on the debut and streetcleaner abums...grindcore was not just about speed of drums, blast beats etc- it actually was coined to describe the guitars- heavy,downtuned, bleak, harsh riffing guitars "grind", so thats what the genre was described as, by the musicians who were its innovators & proponents.
Obviously with Justin being ex-napalm Death, the attachement was there because he was from the same scene that birthed grindcore anyways.PSI were similar, in the early incarnation. I agree that both bands by the time of album number 3 were less grinding in the guitars dept, and as they became more adept at programming their drum machines, the music became mroe beat driven, and at that point both bands became morre accurately described as Industrial metal, not grindcore.

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and who could forget the aptly named "genital grinder" by carcass