Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Napalm Death 1 second 7 inch

Question: I work at a radio station and we often get old LP records as donations to put up for sale, while i was going through a box I discovered a Napalm death/Electro Hippies single ( Side 1. You Suffer, Side 2, Mega Armageddon), with 1 second of music and scratched text on each side. I looked in vein for more information about it online but came up emptyhanded.
What was it all about? I\'d be interested to know

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Answer: thats our world record 7 inch single from 1989. Its the shortest single ever released, and was given away free when we did a compilation called "grindcrusher".Worth a few quid on ebay probably, tho about 8,000 copies do exist from memory.Wired mag recently namechecked the single as a forerunner to snack size culture which is the current vogue, ie short attention spans.

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