Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Earache & The New Breed of Thrash.

Question: Has earache spotted somthing the rest of the world hasnt signing so many uk thrash/crossover bands in such a short space of time sss and evile by name? out of interest is earache interested in the bands that are left at all eg suicide watch ( formerly stampin ground), gamma bomb and nebukadnezza. From:

Answer: We've been spotting something for years, namely good original metal bands of all varieties.
Muncipal waste were signed in 2004- there was no media talking about a New Breed of Thrash back was unheard of to embrace such a long lost genre as 80's crossover thrash.

As for Evile- they have been quietly playing storming sets to a handful of fans for 2 years,i was lucky enough to see them at Nottingham's junktion 7 club, where DEADFALL were ace too (but we didnt attempt to sign them, due to line up problems), and then the killer was seeing Evile at Bloodstock open air 2006 where they destroyed the tent with their devastating early Metallica meets Slayer perfomance.

SSS also came to our attention and we loved them from the get go- like The Waste, they are spearheading the more crossover-thrash vibes.Excellent stuff to circle pit to.

As for the other bands- we like GAMA BOMB and are following their progress.

So, YES we are pleased to announce-



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