Monday, April 30, 2007

Akercocke- Can you crack The Antichrist Code?

Question: how can i listen the new akercocke album on line? From:

Answer: The new Akercocke album Antichrist is available at a secret location online for listening ONLY to people who crack the online treasure hunt called The Antichrist Code.A series of about 8 Akercocke related puzzles and questions have been posted online on myspace and youtube websites.If you correctly follow the clues they will lead you to the reward.Though difficult,(so difficult that Jason himself could not crack the final puzzle) The hunt was suprisingly completed by 15 fans within 24 hours of it being announced, but the location of the prize was leaked by news sites like blabbermouth etc, which spoiled the fun of the hunt for the hordes of avid akercocke fans still searching- so we relocated it.

Begin your quest with the first question here:

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