Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Deicide & Vital Remains

Question: another question about deicide members, being as ive read before on this blog how earache signs musicans not bands. Id like to know how glen and steve get away with playing in and composing for vital remains because surely thats your investment composing for another label being as steve is the main song writer for deicide. although could this be argued the other way when tony and steve helped out with deicide? thanks

Answer: Nearly every musician we have ever signed always seem to have another band or project on the go, besides their 'main' band.Deicide is no different.Steve has a rock band in the works, Jack is in Adrift, Ralph is in Obituary, but also has a project featuring many famous guitarists underway, Glen helps out on Vital Remains CD when they are recording, even tho VR are signed to Century Media.Dave Suzuki from Vital helped out on a Deicide DVD aswell.Its all done in a friendly way.
Glen also appeared on the Roadrunner United 'All stars" album a couple of years back.None of these things concern us because its really typical of most musicians these days- collaborations and friendships seem to spring up all over the place and members join/help out other acts, on other labels -all the time, especially in the old-school Florida Death Metal scene.We are pretty accomodating about it.Usually the projects provide a little extra quick income to the musician and it doesnt bother Earache so long as the main band is still the major focus.
In all my years, I've yet to see a project band 'take off' and sell more than the main band..tho Vital remains sells well, but its not a project of Deicide, its a functioning touring band in its own right, with glen on guest vokills.
The labels that have exclusive deals with musicians (as Earache does) could prevent such ad-hoc projects, but since we actually encourage people to be creative, we go with the flow.
Actually thinking about it, i think perhaps the ONLY musician we have ever signed who DID NOT have a project band was Trey Azagthoth (Morbid Angel).That shows how singleminded Trey is towards his main band.

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